A Korean touch of death!

Sorry for the porno lighting.

If anything, porno lighting is preferred.

May I take it this is you assaulting a perfectly innocent bag? :slight_smile:

@Syberia that bag is retired. I blew it open. The stuff inside was…interesting.

A bunch of fabric… Looked like a wardrobe full if clothes.

And this is just half of it. I had to throw out huge chunks that splattered over the floor and wouldn’t go back in the thing

I like the way you psyched the bag out first

You defeated it long before you delivered the finisher

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@User89 Still dropping your hands.

@hungryjoe e you a chimpanzee? Because that’s the arm length you need to reach someone at kicking range.

Arm position is irrelevant to kicks!

Fröken Sverige?

Remember you guys ridiculed me?

Now it’s time to eat crow. Fucker can kick now.

But in fairness, I sort of sucked when you said I do.

Oh well. Everything is relative. I will probably shame this incarnation too in a year…

Is Omega supreme still here guys?

Have you tried this with another person yet?

No. I don’t want to go to jail

Is moderator Omega supreme alive? The user doesn’t exist anymore

The users didnt come across from the old site.

He makes a cameo appearance from time to time

@Syberia so what is he called now?

You’ve obviously never fought full contact.

Welcome back.

Will you be investing in a non shitty bag in the near future?