34 MMA and Men's Style with Kin "Kong" Moy

He and I can end that with a video.
But we don’t work for you.

Now, on to other things.

Let me explain something to you.

As far as I can tell, Jordan’s crime was having a big mouth, and not wanting to put up with a bait and switch with an extortion bite, which I have seen happen many fucking times regarding promotions to black belt.

And his second crime, the one that really got him, was that he was a black man, with a big mouth, with some muscles, back before marijuana was State legal.

Which meant, any malicious fucker who dropped a dime, was able to get him crucified by the State machinery.

With real fucking consequences.

So maybe you should shut the fuck up, about things you don’t know anything about.

Listen man, this should be so simple to answer. And Jordan is who brought it up. He wanted Moy to address Vinny on the podcast?? That’s problematic. So I was curious about the status quo, that’s all. Not causing trouble.

1 Did he promote himself?

2 If not, who did (2nd degree or above)?

3 If no one did, are you, the 4th degree vouching?

4 if so, that’s a problem if you’re anonymous. Are you on record somewhere? Because that would settle it.

But last I was here bro, nobody here including me was ok with it. And I apologize but I don’t recall your name, maybe you came after.

Clarifying all of this is in Jordan’s best interest.

What Black belt in BJJ will go on record for him? Because he’s calling Vinny Souza out in public!!!

Not your business, you are gossipping.

I already vouched. A black belt only needs one black belt of second degree or higher to vouch.

The Bullshido mods have already credentialed my bonafides.

I am not your brother.
We are not blood relations.
Nor are we familiar.

Shame, Shame, Shame, on all of you, for acting like couch quarter backs, and idle gossips, and malicious in your intent.
This is not Kiwi Farms.

Remember this:

So, shut the fuck up.
If you don’t like his belt, you take it off him, if you are able.

Shut your fucking mouth. You don’t have his best interest at heart.
You are simply causing mischief, out of malice, which means you are a damaged fucker.

I am one.
And I have made world champions in the IBJJF, my lineage underneath me has UFC champions, I was a black belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu before Bullshido.com was, and the mods here, have already bonafided my credentials about those things.
Why don’t you focus on your own training, and your own positive contributions to others, and then you might be less of a nobody, as you described yourself earlier.

By the way, the number of you fucked up, Daddy issue, Mommy issue damaged units, in/on Bullshido, that has issued Jordan, an apology,

Jordan, a frequent contributor on this very site, who was the target of an extortion martial arts fraud scam, that you acted like was a Maenad sacrifice to a common Bull, and not a God, has been close to zero.

Don’t look in a mirror, you will surely not like what you see.

And you should be ashamed of yourself(ves).

Maybe you should apologize.

All of you.

If you have hair on your sacs, and are not children.

Then again, I would not expect any of you could grow a bush on your vaginas, nor your chins, let alone your upper lips, that took part in that nerd-fest nerdfuckery cosplay Larp-a-doodle-do.

Bullshido, my ass, much less any taint, scrote, or asshole.

And, tell me again, why a bunch of gumps with pitchforks on the Internet
were anything but a bunch of fucking gumps,
without Forrest Gump’s sense of morality or (common) sense from his momma,
about boxes of chocolates, or any other damn thing.
You Boo Radley mother fuckers.
Oh, Bullshido.
Never mind.
They had the Phrosty Pope’s blessing, and the relic of a Saint’s Coccix, from a bonafide Pardoner, who told a mightly good Tale, about why their Tails didn’t stink, like every other tail.
It was Fake, and even the Mods here, knew that much.
And all the Internet weebooes, and Dummies, took note, and signed on for that.
Hallelujah, Jesus.
When Jobu wasn’t needed, to hit the curve balls.
So shut the fuck up, you pathetic hypocrites weaboo Internet typers, and you who were everything you claimed to mock, when all of you were just mocking the worst pars of yourself, in an impotent rage scream, against anybody, or any thing, you thought you could scream against to make your impotent rage about yourselves, sound louder, to yourselves, not that anyone else with half a brain was listening.

Meanwhile, some mother fuckers, took bets against themselves, to go fight whomever was best at that moment.
Be they Gods, Titans, or men.
And they did so again. And again, and they did it again.
Black Eye Peas sang songs about somebody.
It most cases, for many and most our readers, it was not You.
Still it is Great Music.
Just played with, by, or on, somebody else.
So if you get to hear it, or watch it,
and you didn’t pay for it by blood, sweat, or cash, grass, or your ass, just shut the fuck up, and say thank you to your your betters, who paid for it proper, on your, and every one else’s behalf.
Caesar does not pay for every Circus, you see, to augment your bread, some times every day men, pay, to see that you are entertained past your daily vittles.
Just say thank you, Internet weaboos, unless you harness up, or wrap your own wrists, or grab a spanish sword.
But speak not, from the safety of your couch and keyboard, all clean and dry, with your biggest sacrifice, having to shower off the stinky of your own self every few days.
Or worse yet, you are a member in a recreational BJJ club,
Or some other pansty dancie, just so you felt you could run your mouth, to make you feel better, about you.
Meanwhile, you are still the human equivalent to horse shit, or worse then horse shit, I will stop there.

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You’re too well read.

That was quite a rant. Whatever drugs you’re on, stay the course man, you’re a regular Burroughs on the creative writing front.

But on the Jiujitsu front, I’m gonna take that as hard “yes, he put the black belt on himself” (everyone who was here back then knows he did, he admitted as much). Then another Bully (you) with a 4th degree came along and said he was worthy. Ok. It’s still a problem for him, because the Bullshido admins vouching for your creds doesn’t mean shit in the real world. It might give you some cred here but that’s that. It means nothing everywhere else. Most people I’ve met never even heard of Bullshido, and those that do avoid even getting into this kind of online drama. That makes you exceptional.

Now if you publicly awarded Jordan a black belt (which to date apparently has never been done by a qualified instructor) you could fix the situation, but you seem to be willing to go only so far. What are you afraid of?

I mean, no other BJJ bb on this board (and there have been quite a few) has ever said the things you are. And you’re not even doing it in a rational, thoughtful way. More like the mundane trolls of the past who did, I’ll agree, toxify things. Jitschix doesn’t have the credentials you have, but she put forth far superior arguments against what Jordan did. She’s a lawyer and we’ll respected in the BJJ scene still. He’s still burned about that. But you could be the key that turns the whole thing around.

So, why not detoxify the entire timeline? Asking for a friend …

Bro… , shut up.

Wtf do you get out of shitting on Jordan.

Why do you even care if he gave himself a black belt?

Jiu-jitsu never asked you to defend its honour from Jordon.

Jordan is probably a better grappler than you.

You are a gossipy bitch.

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I’m not shitting on him at all. I’ve been admiring him for over a decade, bro. And for a lot more than his grappling skill.

It’s not gossip if it’s true. Were you here when he announced he had given himself a black belt? The Bullshido directors had a fit.

Gordon already asked you this and you didn’t answer but I’ll try again.

How does what happened to Jordan involve you in any way of significance?

Also don’t go mouthing off about the real world and then name drop people from whatever mob you’re claiming to be hiding behind.

Those real people in the real world might not agree with how you are framing their opinions.

And @Dr.Gonzo seems to have quite a bit of sway in the real world. Especially in the BJJ community.

This is a place where he sometimes comes to joke with, educate and mock us plebeians.

It would be easier for you to understand if either of you were active here when it happened.

But basically Jordan called out Bullshido investigations, and all the BJJ folk attached here who also grappled (including some pretty big names) went shank diesel on him. Then they spread out online.

Rivington for instance has his own creds here that stand all by themselves (arm barring a particularly odious poster while simultaneously serving chocolate cake to other Bullies)

I actually fell on the side of the non-inquisitors, since I was a fan of him well before he changed his name to an Egyptian god. And kept my quiet and slowly departed BS.

You’d be a fan too if you ever saw him fight. He’s not just a grappler, after all. He literally wasted a racist, mysognist kung fu asshole for the whole world to see. And I’m on good terms with all the people who were there to witness it.

That doesn’t change the fact that poor Jordan has never been formally issued a black belt by a qualified person.

That means he will never be accepted in the BJJ scene. Nobody is ever going to accept “Bullshido admins vetted him” as canon.

I find it curious that a highly ranked bb is willing to write post after post on a social media site that he’s legit on the mats (which I would never disagree with, I’ve seen him street fight), but would think anything said here would pass in the BJJ community as a legitimate belt promotion.

What’s the big deal with a 4th degree publicly awarding him? Have you even read his posts over the last few years? He’s mentally disturbed by this whole affair and could use a little more than some random dude in BJJ “qualifying” him in a little obscure part of the net. Come on dude. Somebody has to actually stick up for him publicly or his pain will never end.

I guess you don’t even know him at all, or how he’s hounded on places like Facebook for his desperate acts.

I do not know Jordan in any significant way.

I have just read some things he’s posted here.

Do you know him at all?

You just watched some videos of him? And you think you know Jordan in some significant way?

You are starting to sound like someone else who used to post here.

I think you should go touch some grass and not worry about what colour someone’s belt is this much.

That is because you can’t read.

Correct. Oh the irony of you saying that, and not knowing what that really means.

How would you know?
You dummy.
Your reading comprehension really is terrible.

She is not of the correct BJJ rank to promote anyone to any rank.
Stop dropping names.
I doubt that she wants to be involved, and would rather be left alone.

I am. I am telling you to grow up, mind your own business, and stop trying to be malicious to a well known grappling competitor simply because you are a small, petty person.
If you were on Bullshido back then, and still are, were you a child then?
Because your behavior is unbecoming for a mature adult, and years have passed since those incidents in the first place.
Let it go, let Jordan go about his business.

They were, and in some cases still are, well known goobers.
And they make mistakes like every other human.
And unlike you, they grow up and mature as years pass.

You have no idea what you are talking about.
You are making an assumption, and in fact, spreading misinformation.
I would add, the lies you are spreading, present a real and slanderous harm to Jordan, especially given martial arts, and combat sports, and related fields are part of his actual career.

Combat sports athletes often are quite colorful in what they say, on the Internet or otherwise. Or had you never noticed that.

Your reading comprehension is truly terrible, and the irony meter is off the charts.

Back to you: Who is your professor again?

I know Jordan pretty damn well.

You’re not familiar with his history of calling out people in the field? He just did it again here, calling out Vinny and asking a pro MMA fighter to weigh in (same pro fighter who is on my FB friends list).

I know why he suffers every day, and no Bullshido post is going to cure it. But if he had a real sponsor…