34 MMA and Men's Style with Kin "Kong" Moy

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Pro MMA fighter and Fashion consultant Kin “Kong” Moy comes on this episode of the podcast to give some of his expert advice on both those topics and why men have such a hard time admitting they care about fashion.

Not reading all this. Vinny Souza promoted me on behalf of BTT after a tournament where I went undefeated and won the black belt division. He brought the paperwork to Carlos Gracie Jr. Jr asked for 4k or else he’d lose the paperwork and have Vinny deported. Vinny flipped it to 2k and sold me out.

This does not and should not affect my grades and is in fact illegal under mass state law under a number of statutes.

I admit I care .

Men wearing skinny jeans has pretty much crippled western society .

Yeah I read you self promoted and claimed it came from Vinny and then he disowned you publicly.

What’s the deal with that? I’m genuinely curious why anyone would give themselves a black belt.

"Vinny Souza 6/29, 12:27pm Vinny Souza Hey Joshua, my name it’s vinny Souza, I’m the guy who Jordan tabor it’s talking about it.

I don’t know what he is saying but, I never give him a BLACK BELT. I’m a FIRST DEGREE BLACK BELT from BRAZILIAN TOP TEAM, as you know we need to be a SECOND DEGREE in order to promote somebody a BLACK BELT.

Vinny Souza 6/29, 12:30pm Vinny Souza

I was a instructor in the school, but he only toked maybe 10 of my classes, one day show up I’m the class with a BLACK BELT, that until today nobody knows from who!!!

Vinny Souza 6/29, 12:39pm Vinny Souza

Any ways, just because he mention my name and since I’m listed under THE IBJJF list, it’s bad for me when guys like him who are YOU TUBE FOLLOWERS, Says that they got promoted by me. Thanks for the attention, and you are free to post this conversation if you want."

This does not appear to be what happened.

In any case, Jordan Tabor is a black belt.

First, he earned and proved that, the old fashion way, on the mats, with blood and sweat, challenging some of the best, and challenging them again.

Second, I am a 4th Degree black belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and for those fools that will run their mouths otherwise, also by my pen, Jordan Tabor is a black belt.

I am very embarrassed by how many people in tn the Jiu-Jitsu community treated Mr. Tabor.

And it shows a lack of character on their part.

You’ve trained/rolled with him? Who gave him the black belt? Either it was a legit promotion or it wasn’t. There seems to be a big controversy and a lot of people in BJJ don’t seem to see things his way, and some of them uses to post here.

BJJ has standards for belt promotion. If a legit bb didn’t promote him to black then he has a problem.

If my black belt promotion was sketchy, I’d just go back to the guy who gave me brown, or just jump to another school.

It’s weird someone with a 4th degree would be supporting someone just trying a black belt on themselves. Maybe I misunderstood you?

Which of us, between the two of us, do you think is better familiar with those standards?

Almost certainly, unless you have my experience in Jiu-Jitsu, or something close to it.

I’m familiar enough to know that people who give themselves black belts are considered pariahs and generally disavowed regardless of skill levels. That’s been the Bullshido ethos for decades.

BJJ is not a cabal. So did you promote him to black belt? If you’re telling the truth about being a 4th degree, I at least hope you’ve actually met, trained, or rolled with him.

Otherwise aren’t you basically saying his bb is honorary? If so, that’s pretty sus, no matter what the skill level.

OK, who is your Professor?

I have been a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt longer than there has been a Bullshido.com.

And, I don’t mind lending my expertise and commentary to the site from time to time, but I pre-date it.

Regarding your other commentary, are you of the correct rank to promote people to black belt in BJJ?

If not, you can run your mouth, but it means nothing.

And, in fact, if that is the case, you running your mouth negatively on an electronic forum, about a competitor, is quite obnoxious.

Why don’t you content yourself to speaking about your own competition activity. Or your own training.

You are not going to get ahead talking shit, about Jordan’s competition record, when he was fierce.

He was not perfect, but technically well grounded, brave, and fierce.

You’re completely evading the simple question I asked. That’s strange.

We’re not taking about BJJ technical expertise, otherwise I’d understand you other questions. None of that is your business, I’m not making any claims about BJJ that aren’t common sense.

I’ve been around a while, I’ve even chatted with Kin Moy a bit over the years, and Kintanon the guy in the reddit thread calling Jordan out was a Bully before you were.

So again, are you really saying it’s ok for someone you’ve never met to promote themselves from brown to black, and that you’re such an authority that you can endorse that, and no one can question it?

If so, wow.

It sure is, meaning your evasion of simple questions.

Who is your professor?

Are you a second degree black belt in BJJ?

That does not appear to be what happened.

And we have already established, that you are not Jordan’s professor.

And you have not provided any evidence that you are of the correct rank to promote anybody to anything.

So, your mouth seems ahead of yourself, ahead of your credentials, and ahead of anything except you are a dummy, trying to cause mischief because you are bored, and most likely unhappy about your own self.

And I haven’t posted around here since Kintanon but he was pretty trusted, and posted publicly that it is was a sham.

I’d like more honesty from you and less BJJihad, por favor. This “I say he’s a black belt, so he is” is really not the BJJ standard, and it’s weird you’d claim only black belts are qualified to say as such. I’m a nobody in BJJ with an intermediate rank, and even I know that.

The list of self promotions to black in BJJ is so short, this is the only one I’ve ever heard about.

You are not he, and do not speak for him.

I have given you nothing but honesty.

Only black belts are qualified to promote people, except when lower belts promote, with a black belt’s permission.

Now look buck, why don’t you stop trying to piss on another poster, who was a well documented brave and skilled competitor, who may have gotten treated pretty poorly for business reasons,

and in all cases, post about yourself.

Unless there is a sexual predator, or a financial fraud, or some predator out there, that is worth a discussion in the negative.

Otherwise, bullshit.

None of this is relevant to what I’m asking you, and you just refuse to answer.

Fine, but you don’t represent the whole BJJ community on this matter. I know because you’re the first black belt I’ve ever met who thinks self promotions are ok.

I just posted his Reddit comment. He some pretty loud and clear.

What’s with the lame trolling bro?

I don’t have to.
I only need to represent the correct thing to do, as I see fit.

Not what I said.
Attempting to put words, in others mouths, is a sign of great bullshit, and dumb assery.

You and I are not blood relations.
Nor are we familiar.

I’m case you missed it, here’s Kinatanon’s posts again.

Have Kinatanon call me.
I would like to have a conversation with him.

It’s not like I am making shit up.

Someone asked “who promoted him”.

Answer was:

"Kintanonwww.apexcovington.com 2 points 6 years ago

No one.

He gave it to himself after claiming that he was promoted, then the promotion was revoked when he wouldn’t pay some arbitrarily large amount of money to to an IBJJF rep (Carlos Jr I think?). So he just started wearing a blackbelt and calling himself a blackbelt.

He’s certainly an expert level grappler, there’s no questioning that, but he’s not an acknowledged BJJ blackbelt so him claiming it is misleading"