20 Covid Vaccine and Pandemic Update

Originally published at: 20 Covid Vaccine and Pandemic Update - Bullshido

As the vaccine for Covid-19 rolls out to the United States and the rest of the world, Immunologist Dr. Jason Goldsmith joins us to discuss the implications, considerations, and specifics of how it was created so quickly, putting to rest conspiracy theories and nonsense about the state of the pandemic.

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Got a shout out on Twitter for this episode by Chris Kavanaugh who is a Cognitive Anthropologist and is one half of the “Decoding the Gurus” podcast team that does deep, but fair dives into Intellectual Dark Web and other public figures (ie. Jordan Peterson, JP Sears, Russell Brand, Scott Adams).


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Listened to a great show on NPR along the same lines. It’s an interesting story as to why/how the vaccine(s) were able to be developed so quickly.

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Out going HSS secretary, Azar, admits there’s no stockpile of 2nd dose COVID vaccines

I think that has a lot to do with Trumpleforeskin not ordering enough. The manufacturers are only to send out as many as they’re asked to.

Bad management I say

Only the best people lol

Maybe they ordered enough but delivery is slow?

On the other hand…

The current wisdom around Pennsylvania is you try to get in line, but wait until the end of the day because they may have defrosted more vaccine than demand required.

This is not only a problem at the Federal level.

We really need those non-mRNA vaccines that do not get ruined so easily.

Denied vaccination duties for being too efficient

It’s an interesting situation. Vaccine is in short supply. Apparently the thought they were doing OK.

Teachers here (and I know in Montana) are getting vaccinated as 0f 2-3 weeks ago… same guidelines…

They’ve banned them from giving the C-19 vaccs for 6 months

I think a good talking to would have been more appropriate

Yeah, it’s an odd situation…

Kind of heavy handed. Just tell them to stop vaccing teachers?

But if all the old folks are done, move on.

Heavy handed and counter productive

Update = United Kingdom humiliates the EU .

UK deaths per million = 1723
EU deaths per million = 900

Enjoy your Pyric victory @PDA

Lets wait until the pandemic is over before we compare the real totals and compare how the numbers where collected.

I am happy to state however that the UK goverment has not enjoyed my full confidence and I am still confused as to why the same result could not have been achieved by spending ÂŁ2.5 billion a day on protecting the vulnerable rather than shutting the whole country down but I hope that in a few years time we look back and understand why they have done what they have.

Im putting it down to their own self doubt and inadiquacy in being able to pull that stratedy wrong but who knows.

I am not a lockdown sceptic as lock downs certainly work in getting infections down but i just feel that for ÂŁ2.5 Billion a day you have got to be able to find a better solution that enables the vast majority who are exposed to little risk to continue with their lives.

Also I am not conviced by some of the countries like New Zealand who have done extremely well in eliminating the virus but at some point they will have to open up and what will happen then? the vaccines are not 100% effective so to a certain extent they are only postponing the inevitable but what that inevitable will be at this stage nobody knows.

The old people who are still alive over there will undoubtably be grateful for the current strategy.

Will it stand the test of time however ? Find out here in 2022/3/ 8 ? or maybe the meteor will arrive by then.

Cognitive anthropology?

I have no desire to rub England’s face in their own mess

I was just a little startled by your triumphalism TBH