12,000 Air Force personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated against the coronavirus


That sounds about the same number each force loses a year to regular attrition separations. So fuck them.

You literally get all kinds of vaccines when you join, the difference here is that this one is politicized. Good to know who the radicalized fuckwits are.

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Alot of defense contractors at the big 5, may have trouble making the date.
That will get their badges turned off.
Which is one of the few ways, they can get fired from those positions.

So, anybody notice that F-4 is not a USAF plane?

Not the dummy that posted it, in the OP.

Didn’t they stop using those in the 90s?

The US did, look at the symbol on the plane, in any case.

Use a Greek F-4 for an an article about the USAF.


I didn’t catch it, and I reposted it.

I just thought it was funny.

I’m laughing at myself, which is a regular event.

Best medicine. Those that take themselves too seriously end up on the BS FB page a lot.


I have…connections.
I can get you a temp ban for yourself, on FB BS, for $50, American.
Or in ammunition, 9mm, 556, 12 gauge, all accepted.

It would be interesting to see a demographic breakdown of the refuseniks

“Twenty-six percent of municipal employees in New York City were still unvaccinated following a Friday deadline that mandated workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.”



This is proper adultman behavior.

This is what bothers me late at night. When did so many people become such giant pussies? My understanding is that people who join the US military can be ordered into a hellhole of death and carnage (example: any major hellish battlefields in history) without notice even if it is likely to end with sudden gruesome and painful death on behalf of the mission.

Comparative to life at the Battle of the Bulge or Normandy, this vaccine is not even worth mentioning.

Please correct me if I am wrong here, but defying general orders to become vaccinated sounds like a Courts Martial offense to my civilian ears. Am I reading this situation wrong? I’m not sure why they would be under the impression that this is even up for debate much less why the military wouldn’t start bringing people up on severe charges for disobeying orders under the UCMJ as a warning to any other morons who think they are going to set their own healthcare agenda.

The authority of the chain of command is at stake here. I am no soldier but I do know that insubordination at any level in a business should never be tolerated if you want to keep control over that business.

Once you give up commanding the respect of subordinates, you’ve given up the entire enterprise. It effectively will not be yours to control anymore after that. You might be able to do that at McDonald’s but McDonald’s doesn’t have access to the US nuclear weapons stockpile.

Edit: Correct me if I am wrong here but if someone disobeys an order on the battlefield, aren’t summary executions allowable under extreme situations to save lives or the mission? I know that’s somewhat archaic but if that is still allowable under the rules then what the duck do they think gives them the right to start questioning orders like this one?

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A NATO military wouldn’t allow that but somewhere like North Korea might.

As Phrost said, the US military (and most military’s) jab you to buggery before you go anywhere and rightly so, so most of these people would have had all sorts put in them already. They’re crazy.

I’m sure it’s rare, no doubt very rarely reported to the public if it does happen in practice and unlikely under anything but extreme duress but I’ve heard it mentioned a few times by American WW2 and Korean War veterans.

I had to look it up but Article 90 of the UCMJ allows for summary punishment by death without court martial for certain kinds of insubordination during wartime. It’s an extensive list but disobeying direct orders, running away and things that endanger fellow soldiers are in there.

My grandpa only ever gave cryptic and indirect mentions of violence but he mentioned that punishment for cowardice and insubordinate behavior during the worst of the Battle of the Bulge could be quite severe.