Your No-BS guide to BMI - Body Mass Index

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72% of Americans are obese, but before you make that New Year’s Resolution you have no intention of keeping, let’s clarify those numbers and graphs for you…


Good article.

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On BMI: 25 BMI for me at a little over 6’ is 186. When I was in marathon training and my weight got to 183 or so, I had several people ask me if I was OK. They were concerned I had cancer or something. BMI does not apply for athletes.

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Despite being SVELTE!, BMI calls me border line anorexic

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I just want to thank you all for your thought provoking replies…

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As a small fat kid, now 6’2" male who was deemed overweight on the BMI scale even when I got out of basic military training and looked like a chemo patient with slightly more hair and stronger legs, I agree that BMI is a poor tool for individuals.
But can we find something better? Hydrostatic weighing of the entire population might be a tad dramatic, but what about hip/waist ratio? Or BMI with a modifier for fitness? Or this “new” thing, RFM? (link)

Regardless, I think it is fair to claim that people are getting fatter. I see increasing numbers of people on the subway (well, not right now, b/c corona lockdown) every day, every week, every month, who have grown out of their regular-sized clothes and into a muumuu :flushed:

When you write such an informative well done article, what else can we do?

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Older thread, but since someone else necroed it. I’m pretty scrawny. Even at my most “athletic” I could never put on enough muscle to get outside the normal BMI band.

Most attempts to quantitatively measure humans, that are also based on finite categories… are bullshit.

In this case you’re basically looking at somebody’s attempt to bucket everyone on Earth into three buckets.

According to Mersenne number theory and the most advanced axiological value science…that’s just dumb.

You are either fat or you are not.

Various stages of fatness between not and fat.

Obese if you want to sound all sciency.

Fat is critical for long-term survival. Fat is stored energy, like those energy tanks in Metroid.

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