You guys have to subscribe to chewy's brazilain jiu jitsu mailing list

You guys have to subscribe to it he says the craziest shit in his emails.

Chewy: My entire house was on fire and I thought I was going to die anyway please buy my book on how to use the butterfly guard more effectively.

I was fat and overweight. My father walked by and said you have a nice pair of tits. If you act now you’ll get a discount off my get a grip series.

So me and my friends were pushing my car out of a big pothole which reminds me buy my weight training manual.

That you Holy Moment?


I hope so. He was hilarious.

I unsubscribed everything from Chewy. The FB group was a waste. There was a new “do you guys wash your belt” thread weekly. If I recall correctly, he even stopped being involved with it and handed over admin to someone else because of all the negativity.

I never purchased any of his instructional material, so I can’t speak to that. Most of his promotional and social media stuff was OK, but mostly seemed geared towards beginners. I suppose that makes sense given it’s the biggest possible customer base.

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This entire thread sucks, without a picture, and please purchase a supporting membership by clicking the Upgrade link above.


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I do, but all my stripes come off, and then when I put new tape on by myself, I feel guilty for a second like someone is watching.

Thanks Bullshido…

You just described every BJJ group on Facebook


I actually considered starting a group modeled on another I saw called “BJJ People Who Hate BJJ People”, but I didn’t figure the humor would be worth the headache.

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That’ll suffer the same fate as the “Gun People Who Hate Gun People” group.

Zuckerbombed due to Facebook’s zero tolerance for humor.

No, we don’t have to buy the latest BJJ celeb bullshit

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