You been following the Michael Bisping/Frank Dux drama?

TLDR - Bisping made a video accusing Dux of being a fake martial artist, Dux gave an interview responding to it at length and also saying that back in the day, he’d have kicked Bisping’s ass. The YouTube martial arts community argues/mass-debates about it.

Somewhat entertaining drama.

I don’t think Bisping has responded yet, but if I know the internet, there will be hundreds of people contacting him to try get him to fite Dux IRL.

I really wanna see what happens next, TBH.

Original vid is here btw:

Well it’s nice that the old traditions are being kept alive

Tempted to go into the comments and say

“Why is 56 knockouts in one tournament so unrealistic anyway? Mas Oyama KOed 100 guys (and one bull!) when he entered the Kumite? I’d like to see Bisping do that!”

Notice Bisping uses the completely reasonable math argument that Frank can’t refute.

“I fought 60 guys in a single elimination tournment”

So starting in reverse with the supposed final round.

  1. 2
  2. 4
    3 ) 8
    4 ) 16
    5 ) 32
  3.    64
  4.  128
  5.   256
  6.   512
  7. 1,024
  8.  2,048
  9.  4,096
  10.  8,192
  11. 16,384
  12.  32,768
  13.  65,536
  14. 131,072
  15. 262,144
  16. 524,288    The present day population of the Bahamas where Frank's Kumite supposedly 
                      took place  is about 385,000  it was about 210,000 in 1980. 
  17. 1,048,576

There are another 40 rounds to go which more then make up for an occasional empty bracket. :slight_smile:

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Did Frank ever say that all the fighters were human, as such? Maybe the tournament was open to fighters from across the entire galaxy and all associated multiverses?

Granted, if that had been going down in the Bahamas, I’m sure it would have made the news, even before the internet…

So Bloodsport was never the true story of frank dux. And instead Arena was the real true story.

I was kinda thinking of this.

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