Working on boxing defence

So thought i’d share. I had my wife put on some 8 ounce gloves and asked her to try hit me in the head. It was actually one of the best sessions i’ve ever had training at home. My wife never trains with me, yoga is her thing. I got to show her how to throw a few shots, and she got into trying to hit me in the head. Actually started throwing combos, haha. Was great for slipping, parrying, weaving, rolling, etc. It’s also a good low impact cardio workout which is another way to sell it. Those cheap 8 ounce gloves have a sting on them, which is great.

Thought it might give someone an idea especially if there are still lockdowns etc. happening.

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A ball gag is your friend.

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I’m married, if a solid punch lands it’s not kink, it’s about something I’ve forgotten that happened 6 years ago … :laughing:

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This is almost exactly how my third child was conceived. YMMV.

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I like on going head movement practice

Out walking the dog? Head movement

Driving the car? Head movement

Watching TV? Head movement

I’m not autistic

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Have you ever considered San Soo?

I was so young and beautiful

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Not sure if legit or trolling?

Have a long history in TCMA with some sanda / sanshou, even did some lion dancing when i was with a jow gar school. Don’t really train that much these days, boxing takes most of my time, takes a lot of practice to solidify a new way of standing, moving, punching, thinking etc. (about 2.5 years in)

Don’t know much about San Soo, will look into it. If i did get back into it i would love to train with master chow keung again (tai sing pek gwar).

Edit: i stopped training for a long time after i tore my kneecap off in a sanshou comp (complete rupture of the patella tendon). Started boxing initially to get fit, but then i really started enjoying it.


It was more or less just another way of me endorsing Doofus’ opinions.

Just on boxing and kung fu though. And maybe hedge maintenance.

Trust him for nothing else.

You can trust me on spuds