Why is child molestation becoming so common in the martial arts community

it’s not that it’s becoming more common, it has been there for a long time in a lot of areas. It’s just you become more aware of it when there is more exposure to the topic and more people coming forward. It’s not so much new or more prevalent, we were just ignorant of the cases.

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That and its not as tolerated as it was before.

There are incidents in the generation before last of my family in which somebody behaved in a manner that would have got them put in prison now but in 1970ish they were simply given a stern talking too and kept away from the person they acted inappropriately with in their era but molested in ours.

The catholic church is another example , their priests are wandering around wondering what’s changed? as they certainly haven’t.

Add that to the speed at which information can now be communicated.

Id wager that if it were possible to obtain the actual statistics of pedo behaviour say between 1950-2005 we would see that its gone down quite dramatically but that doesnt mean that there still isnt a shit load of it going on.

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the church absolutely knew from my reading and paid off people to keep quiet.

I don’t think the behaviour would have gone down personally. If you include exchange of content, the internet absolutely will have helped an explosive amount of sharing

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You are right it may have just changed how they do what they do.

A bit like bank robbery is down but drug dealing and fraud is up.

and then there’s the matter of digitized assets. Harder to see theft that way in some regards. Like how we moved from the stick of dynamite to more insidious weapons in the cyber age

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We are all “digitized assets”.

Slaves to the Black Mirror.

maybe the real martial arts was the assets we digitized along the way?

Access to children, a lack of oversight, certain websites will try to kill you for witnessing crimes.

Do you think it’s a psychiatric disorder or a sexual orientation as most people would argue?

Logical fallacy alert?

Most people would say there is no difference. At least, until DSM-V started seeping into mainstream culture.

Whether a psychiatric disorder or sexual orientation, they’re both prime candidates for the wood chipper.

AS someone who has actually witnessed Submessenger shave wood on Youtube, I respectfully disagree.

There are worse fates.

Death is easy, living is harder.