Why do the methodology and damage done both look familiar?


I’m thinking that there is a cyber social attack that does exactly this to people and that the people participating know exactly the harm they’re doing. They’re trying to murder people via the internet in a socially acceptable way.

I hate popehat so much lmao. If a homeless schizo beat him with a hammer outside his apartment one day I wouldn’t feel bad.

This is that dumb crazy Karen broad at Yale who ruined her reputation by calling the cops on a fellow student, then becoming a net whore, begging people for money on PayPal and GoFundme? People have actually given this dummy almost $50,000.

What a dumb twat. Christ, please stay the fuck away from these rats and leave Twitter where it belongs.

Nah, it’s an op. I know one of her abusers. He pulls up to Boston all the time looking for new victims.

Where’s your GoFundMe? $50,000 because she’s a moron, you could do three times that.


Fuck 12

But yeah, one of her stalkers is trying to hunt in my territory. I only found her looking for him. Real piece of shit that tried to get me killed a bunch of times.

To put things into perspective, his FRIEND is the Atomwaffen killer. So the idea that he needs to be chasing her around is absurd.