White Rabbit on Trial

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Um, thats a good jiujitsu stance. Its a hybrid stance designed to block shots with the low level and low lead hand. The front hand reaches for grips.

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You can still get a real black belt, Jordan.

But never stop asking yourself “why do I need this”.

Imagine the posts that would have been saved if you’d done this the Shaolin way, facing a cave wall. Seven years of silent contemplation, before striking out.

Rabbit, do not presume to advise me. You’re simply another bad actor on the internet. It honestly seems like you’re on meth.

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Alright, I’m gonna wrap things up and let Rabbit be. After reviewing his posts over the last week or so, I think it’s clear theres a mental or substance abuse issue that just sorta exploded. The word salad, the weird metaphors, the non sequiter and incoherent responses, the confusion, the lies, and the misplaced aggression sound like he’s going through some shit that doesn’t involve me at all.

Hope you feel better Rabbit.

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To go back to the jiujitsu stance issue, I would like to clarify that. Not only is that a good stance, but my general skill in grip fighting is top notch.

Here you can see an application. Notice the mutual level change, he tries to drop below me, which he does, but he didn’t understand the attack. By using a dual capture system and applying pressure high and low, he was unable to defend his legs and his upper body, resulting in a takedown and submission:

Here you can see me use a low stance to stop and reverse a throw into a judo technique:

Here you can see me playing a long game against a more evenly matched opponen filled with grip fighting and recovery:

I know jiujitsu at the level I say I do and my grip fighting is actually one of the most important elements of my game.

This is me against a black belt, for comparison:

And yeah, I lose matches too, cause that’s how sports works when you do it honestly.

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Here you can see me use that same stance to bait. By not squaring up to a more powerful opponent, I’m able to transition quickly underneath:

And again:

And again:

And so on and so forth, over and over.

This is what a pro match looks like where I dominate the grip game to force the pull, then punish the pull:

Nigga, the jiujitsu is NASTY and y’all know it. People are submitting false stories and evaluations in furtherance of a defamation campaign in retaliation for not submitting a bribe.

People are talking all that shit, but usually when we’re on the mats all I hear is “Tap tap tap”. And like I said. I don’t win every match, but yeah, I’m legitimately really fucking good at jiujitsu.


Thanks for adding some actual valuable content to Bullshido, O.

First time in half a decade.

FYI I am quite physically sick, possibly an infection and I might die in the next 72 hours.

So you will get both barrels until I stop breathing. See I can get quite theatrical, too.

This is the content I’ve always been trying to provide. All the extra shit is caused by people perpetuating bullshit about me. Cut that shit and it stops.

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And both the instructionals, which are quick concepts, and the lessons which contain the detailed instruction, contain the same content that dominated the region:

There was no fraud on my end. Just extortion on theirs. Their pass/fail metric was a 2k bribe and they put you on a list so other professors would enforce that. And my program has nothing to do with that, only actual grading and the first grading, to black, before the bribe request, was the honest one.

I didnt go crazy, switch up my content and start talking bullshit. Yall disrupted my content deliberately, to coerce further payments, then abused me for about a decade, disrupting my business and social situations to the point where I cant afford to produce or create such content. Then you tried to pass that off as evidence that I could never do such work. Yes, I object. Vociferously and aggressively. And that makes me a bad guy?

I’ll give you this much, your intentions are good. And I know all about how you help the homeless and shit. If all I knew about you was you are a decent brown belt we would be square.

But you’re terrible at execution. And you’ve left several lifetimes worth of breadcrumbs online. It’s created a vicious cycle for you that any professional profiler (like myself) can identify.

Case in point: this thread started with your rant containing zero facts about me. Just some googling you did on my name. And now some other dudes information is here on BS, and notably no one else seems to care, especially Phrost. He and I are jokers but you are wading into deep shit. So I have to get serious with you.

Also, you seem to get most of your Intel from nutjob sources. Alex Jones did this shit for years and it caved in on him. He had lots of colorful graphs and databases too and claimed to have the Real. He’s a total joke in the actual Intel community (where I actually teach cybermarines and DHS policymakers who are definitely not “lefties”.

So rather than try to give you freebies, Ive just decided to bluntly and overtly give you a hard time.

And Dr. Beef Supreme, in his endless boredom, pops in to rescue you. You both need to be more careful who you try to gaslight.

Seriously, you are peddling conspiracy theories. You blamed Antifa for Heather Heyer’s death, because you see Antifa everywhere.

If I told you Antifa was running the IBJJF, you would believe me.

We’re done now. Please, start a good thread on BJJ. Or MMA. Anything but Antifa.

Maybe then I’ll unblock you on Facebook.

Oh, also stop calling other people “retarded”. It’s offensive, unworthy of black belt behavior. Be a gentleman.

@W.Rabbit ,

As a BJJ no rank / white belt, your error is in addressing his rank, period.

He is qualified to assess your BJJ rank, you are not qualified to assess his BJJ rank.

Because he has the correct BJJ rank to do so, and you do not.

And every lynch mob member of reddit, bullshido that acted like a lynch mob member that you posted was just proof that lynch mobs still act like lynch mobs.

Also, Osiris never needed me to “rescue him”, nor did I rescue him.

I merely did what any senior black belt is supposed to do.

I investigated the matter fairly, aa a judge is supposed to do, without regard to lynch mob sentiment, and made a fair ruling, based on the facts of the case.


The bottom line is that no one here knows the extent of my integrity or my valor. Period.

There is a saying that it is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war. I have been forced into the garden against my will, so I have become a master gardener.

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I do actually. Thats how I know its accurate. Did the capitol get raided by a bunch of tourists, or a bunch of nutjobs? It was a bunch of “nutjobs”. So who would have the information on the matter? The nut job would be a primary source. Imagine training cybermarines and not having the common sense to include “Just ask them.” or “Follow them around.” When I wanted to record the local Nazis, I simply walked up and asked for footage of them. So my information on what the Nazis were up to on that particular day and time came directly from asking them, and also recording them. So I know what they were doing. Then I used information from that data pool to locate critical data I was missing.

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Wrabbits having an episode .

Ban imminent .

Oh how I missed these .

For the record I know who wrabbit is and when a I last looked a few years ago he was in cyber security and was qualified to do so.

I wouldn’t know if his qualifications were any good or not as I’m not in that field .

Given his propensity for egotistical ranting smeared with verbal diarrhoea I’d say he likely atleast exaggerates his expertise but I am not qualified to judge the specifics .

That aside he has problems controlling his emotions.

The kind of problems my five year old has and will no doubt grow out of by the time he’s 6.


Thanks for clarifying some things.

That makes sense. His view of cybersecurity seems strange to me because he has this sacred cow of adhering to popular narratives. Sometimes it really is a guy in his basement smoking meth and eating cheetos communicating with a broad network of bad actors causing trouble via the internet and not (insert big name for headlines). Or maybe he’s chilling in a library graphing plans for the fall of the USA. Its not always who you expect, doing what you expect.


If 4chan has taught us anything it is exactly that.

All of this goes to show that you need primary sources for information. You need to interact with people. With the Antifa situation, everyone involved, on all sides, is lying. About a lot. However, if you interact with people, the social dynamic becomes clear and you start seeing odd results. You’ll see for instance that Antifa had ties to Atomwaffen until a couple months back. Or that they’re actually a cybersecurity threat and not simple rioters. Or that the leader apparently used to molest trans men. That’s the difference between knowledge and ignorance. You don’t know whether or not these statements are true or false if you haven’t looked into them. I can even tell you when and where the next attack is being planned. Not the location of the attack, but the location of the meeting. Thats what actual research gets you. It can and SHOULD differ from a layman’s understanding just as a scientific understanding should be wildly different than a laymans of pretty much anything science related.

Likewise, Rabbit heard from a guy who heard from a guy who heard from a guy that I don’t know jiujitsu. He just found out that was very, very false and just now saw a very small portion of the program he so desperately wants to harm me for. The other guys, who provided the false info, didn’t take a look at the program either, and if they did even the video search, they provided dishonest reviews. A lot of that has to do with a lack of performance on their end. The only way they can make us look even close to evenly matched is to smear my name.

At the end of the day, I hope we all learned something here about truth vs narrative.



That’s because you are an amateur.

You’re also a very green detective, which is why LOL you think I think you’re bad at BJJ. Pure projection and your own insecurities.

I don’t argue about BJJ with people that are bad at it. Just jerkoffs like you and Dr. Beef Supreme who think they run the game.

You don’t know shit Jordan. Neither does William F. Murphy.

This is pure unadulterated irony.

You are the least enlightened black belt in Bullshido’s history, largely because of who “promoted” you, matryoshka.

You are lost in a cyclical web of deceit.

You should have left it at brown going on black.