White Rabbit on Trial

Are we still allowed to expose actual frauds? I went through this guys resume and all that, and it says nothing about a cyberwarfare anything. One resume with that name is a CISO, but theres no current evidence that thats Rabbit, as if that were to address his claims anyways. The active resume I’ve found confirmed to be Rabbit has him as an loan officer or some shit. If he’s the other account, he’s an infosec guy for an insurance company.

Thats a really long way from being the top cyberwarfare expert in the nation. Or being a cyberwarfare anything. Can I expose this guy? And not from fake stuff or any online lynch mob either. I’ll compare Rabbit’s posts with his resume, BOTH provided by him, and end this charade.

Alternatively, would Rabbit like to confess and explain himself?


And for the record, a lot of people do what Rabbit did when they get around me. They inflate their resume and experiences to claim an edge and figure I have to tolerate that because I got caught doing the same. This assumption is untrue, as I did not do that and do not tolerate it, especially if the falsified resume is combined with making false claims about myself.

Is it within the sites TOS that I may proceed to bust this fraud?

@Phrost May I get down to business?

You should start by getting my name right. The W stands for Wood.

None of the information you have is about me, either, so be tread carefully, you might actually expose an innocent.

If you do that, I will fuck up the rest of your life worse than you already have.

How exactly will you fuck up Osiris’ life?

With criminal script kiddie behaviors on your part?

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You’re denying being Greese? That doesn’t check out. Your reaction to being identified, statements afterwards from parties that know your identity, and the fact that you and Greese launched the same attack on the same day with the same tone all indicate its you. You don’t react to a faildox with a cyberattack, you laugh and go “What the fuck are you talking about?” Then you portray me as crazy. Your reaction was essentially a tantrum though. You’re Greese.

Also, only Greese has the info needed to dox me, so… there goes your threat… unless you’re Greese.

Also, how is he innocent? I realized it was you because he was behaving like you acting oddly at the same time as you acting oddly. You did the same shit at the same time with two different accounts, one of which used your real name. Remember when I said people like you are a minority? Literally its just you two right now.

The only element of my jiujitsu quest involved winning BJJ tournaments and teaching quality lessons after years of career training under Mike Moses. Nothing nefarious has been done and no one was harmed in any way. People started getting hurt in Carlos Gracie Jrs. deluded quest for free money. I just didn’t owe the debt so I went about things as if I didn’t owe the debt. Because it was completely fraudulent.

Anyways, there’s literally nothing you can do. Nothing indicates you’re actually a cyberwarfare commander, I am, and I have the manpower, budget and experience to wipe you down. You’re probably thinking you can go call my local pedophiles for help, but they don’t know where I live or work, whereas I have their addresses, work places, etc. So I’m not concerned.

Murphy will also be just fine. Attacking either one of us, and I don’t see why you want to attack him anyways, would be the dumbest thing you could ever do.

In addition, there are several instances where you come up ignorant in your supposed area of expertise.

  1. You don’t know what Metal Gear is.
  2. You don’t know what happened to Snowden’s men.
  3. When asked to track a terrorist, who was USING HIS REAL NAME, you couldn’t find the guy. You started rambling about Masons, indicating a complete lack of ability and lack of knowledge of the modern cyberpolitical scene. My men found him.
  4. You don’t know about the NSA incident.
  5. Your political posts, especially regarding J6 are super sus. Literally no one, not government, not politicians, not Antifa, not the Patriots thought to call the cyber commander in the middle of the biggest cyber security emergency since Snowden? No one? I don’t believe you.
  6. You think Q Anon leads the right and is a threat, indicating a complete lack of research. Everyone on the scene knows the real threat on the right comes from another group that the public doesn’t know about.

You literally display zero knowledge of whats going on, so… When did you do all this cyberwarfare? You clearly aren’t active today, you weren’t active during the Snowden era, you didnt fight Anonymous…

In addition, you don’t seem to be able to recognize a pyramid scheme or a social media hate campaign, indicating a lack of cybersecurity knowledge or the belief that these activities are acceptable, which makes you 100% unemployable as a person whos supposed to catch and stop such things. You ain’t legit bro. Nothing is adding up here.

Let me guess though, its all super top secret?

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I know Ramsey Dewey. This is you


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What fake J6 shit?

And lol, social services can’t do anything. There are plenty of people around to point out that I’m just fine.

As for Murphy, he’s not my master. I don’t call anyone master.

As for Ramsey Murphy, why would I care and why is the pic of me an issue?

You haven’t done anything? Like, at all.

Apparently you think 6 months in a brown belt is plenty.

“Patriot”. Too much cannabis and Metal Gear.

I have spoken.

Six months at brown? I had my brown when I arrived in 2010 and was promoted to black in 2013 when I started getting booted from divisions for winning too easily. Where are you getting this information from?

You’re literally just making things up at this point and thats a lie I have never heard before. The truth is below. Everything else is a lie to cover for this truth:
just money

Listen, cousin.

I have been watching you for 15 years.

Let it go, Indiana.

Show me the six months at brown. Source that, since you have so much info. Cause I can prove you’re wrong.

Do you you like fishing!

Feel the stag, young Osiris!