Which ones do you think are the top two hardest kickers in MMA history?

It’s an easy one for me. Cro cop and Bas Rutten. One or two depending on height.

Cro cop was not a great technican when it came to head kicks, but his low kicks are in a league of their own.

All Bas Rutten had to do was to land a kick to the body and he won instantly. You can check out his early fights before he transitioned to ground game style.

Do you guys agree these are top two?

Marco Ruas threw a pretty good leg kick.
Andy Hug, before he died of leukemia, had a fair kick.
Benny the Jet, is definitely up there.

I forgot Benny. I guess mostly the back/side kick for him? He’s a small dude. Physics is physics.

Andy Hug was nowhere near Bas Rutten on the shields. I’ve seen them both. Hug was never a super heavy kicker to the body or head.

Shot placement matters, and the ability to put it there, without the target seeing it coming.
On the button, counts as much as pounds on more inches.
And Andy Hug had the ability to put it on the button, without the other guy seeing it was coming, until blinking at ceiling lights.

This was about raw power. Benny and hug weren’t MMA fighters either.

That is a foolish claim.
It might not have been called MMA until after, but…

They did not compete in MMA

You are quibbling.
MMA is new term.
And has a fluid definition.
But, Benny competed in some strike and grapple matches.
And Andy Hug competed in rulesets, which allow some sweeps, and throws.
Which definition of Mixed Martial Arts, are you using?
We used to call it No Holds Barred.
And shoot wrestling / shoot boxing / shooto.
Before that Vale Tudo, and I did some of that, too.
I even did some Kali Tudo, but as it turns, out, I fucking hate getting hit with sticks, or other things.
Before that, Rough and Tumbles, which was before my time.
Scuffle Bees, in the American colonies.
I can keep going.

And if some of those terms, don’t Google search for you, you might have to read some actual books, or talk to people.
Or go look at carvings on stone, that are thousands of years old.

Once in which submission grappling is allowed.

How many purses, in Submission grappling, Vale Tudo, Kali Tudo, NHB, etc have you earned, or sponsored?
But by all means, keep verbal vomiting, about things, you nothing about, except by Google Fu, and masturbary imagination.

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I don’t know how hard they were, did they take Viagra for their legs?

Crocop and probably Crocop.