Where is the App? PLEASE

My focus span is short.

I have a new phone and the shit I download from Google doesn’t work.

I am lurking around connected through Facebook but this is obviously unconfortable, specially for Zuckerberg.

Somebody please? Please? Pleeeeease?

Shit, no idea. @submessenger?

Made it to have it, but did it clicking like a baboon, so I can’t remember how.

Thanks anyway.

We have an app?

Yeah. If you access the forums on mobile it should prompt you to download, at least on Android.

I’m not sure that’s working at the moment.

3.11.3 is oooooold. Is this “the app”? Tapatalk, Discord…rogue APKs?

What is this fundamental nature of this app of which you speak.

Or maybe this is what you mean. Nope, this didn’t try to open on my phone but that might have been my fault.

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I was talking about the beautifully crafted Bully Icon, that, once you tap on the mobile’sscreen, opens up the forums with your credentials already loaded.

I believe it works as some kind of Chrome shortcut, but only because I smell its algorithmic magic in mi Android phone.

The stuff in Google Play is useless. I haven’t found any other stuff and can’t even remember how I finally installed the stuff I am writing through.

But it works.

Thanks again.

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Research mode engaged.

The App in the play store which @W.Rabbit pointed out is the steaming pile of dung (which wasn’t as horrible as the tapatalk) that talked against the legacy forums.

There’s a new sheriff, and I just haven’t met him/her/ze yet.

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