What did you do when the COVID Bunker boredom made you WISH you had a Wooden Dummy?

You need a laugh, I am here for you.
I had this cart to carry equipment, kettlebells, and my sign to the park. I was planning on a boot-camp Kung Fu Fitness model this year. We now how that went, COVID bunker life,…no new students this year, and not training with my students for 6 months.
So my Chariot became a rolling punching bag. Titefoam and duct tape, 2x4 and rubber cables,…it evolved into a Rolling Wooden Dummy.

Fuck you! It works awesome! HAHAHA…this is Sparta!

So enjoy, talk shit, then marvel at how awesome I am…
Click Here for Awesome video


This looks like a man practicing bullfighting with a pig. Would you please post a better image?

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It is several thousand images linked together in a video…
Here is more…
Click Here for link to video

IF you’re trying to link a video, it’s not working.

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weird. I have heard complaints before sometimes. Some people can and others not with Vimeo. I have Vimeo set so it can’t be downloaded, so maybe some browser setting drop it? Wanna try again? I put them both to downloadable now.

what about this way, as embedded?

Knee to chest practice

Sorry, but no.

weirder. OK I am making links…

That’s great, I’m using my imagination for now.

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Not sure what the issue is. They work for me. Maybe a glitch with the new site. I wonder if my Youtube is any better.
Youtube test link

You would probably get more exercise watching Yip Man.


I built a 4’ × 110’ retaining wall from earth filled tyres over lock down

That shit is going to out live my great grand kids!


Due to overload in hospital capacity in Madrid, I had the “luck” of skipping 5 weeks of chemo shots.

Despite of having to keep swallowing pills like in a Dutch rave of the 90s, my body reacted very positively, and suddenly I was able to do bodyweight lunges, squats, push ups…

I could even jog back and forth the porch, and ended up bulding a circuit in between chairs and furniture.

I started doing basic rolls, shrimps and aimed to complete a basic warm up, by the second week of the lockdown, I believe.

Then I filled some big bottles with water, and tied cloth sacks to them so I could use them as weights.

It worked well because I have been able to keep doing some soft workout of this type, even after going back to chemotherapy.

This past August I was able to jog for 15km, and soon I will start aiming to be able again to do chin ups and pull ups.

And the poisoning is about to finish.



Both videos worked for me. Thumbs up for the epic video props. Trust me, in 10~20 years teenagers will call this vintage. Jokes aside, “rolling wooden dummy”, huh? Something like that would help me a lot, actually.


Thanks. I am trying to make my video’s “flavored” more like the old fashioned Budo International VCR vintage stuff. To many new modern HD cellphone video’s and tik tok crap on the net now. I except we will all soon be scrolling past any video thumbnails that look like 2020 DIY first timer HD cellphone stuff. I know I already do…

Want a Rollin Cardio Cart? Mine started as a stroller with a baby in it and I was chain punching the handle as I pushed the kid around (he is 12 now!). I eventually turned the jogging stroller into this thing. If you have a jogging stroller maybe I can make you a punching something…


I will just post this here. For context, this was the first Throwdown in California, hosted in Berkley. It was awesome, many styles there showing off and cross training with others. It was suposed to be only lite sparring for the Dojo insurance so everyone was being reserved. We wanted them to host more. I went alone, no camera, so this was given to me by someone. I have my other two matches elsewhere.

Watch how this gets intense, but we both try not to get mad. We each have a different expectation of the way we restart. So I mess that up several times, the bell saves him (I never use a ring bell in training…etc…He breaks my rib at 1:04.

I trained Chi Sau in the garage with 3 nerds vs his dude with 6 years Muay Thai. We all pulled punches but I am sure he had far more powerful kicks from bag work so he could have been meaner. He thought I was mean to his girlfriend and waited for his turn after I sparred two other guys. But I present pulled punches to the right places, I have my moments too.
The woman behind us on the wall owns the place, taught JKD/BJJ I think. Watch her face. She gets the “Just got real” look…the whole place stopped their BS to watch this…

It was fun. He was a great guy, coulda kick my ass I am sure. I wonder where he is today?

OK, sorry, it turns out I am stupid.

I have security software that prevents your videos from loading unless I disable all safeties.

I typically only have do disable one safety to make Youtube work, but you used Vimeo, so apparently it takes two. TIL.

Who is this idiot? Not you, the OP.

He has Bullshido Gong Sau video, if I’m not mistaken.

A kind of Wing Chun guy who actually throws down. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Based on the first video, far more imaginative than either of us.

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Just a hippie Libertarian that did Boztepe WT and Latosa Escrima since the mid 1990’s…

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