We need to demand more from the middle class

I feel like the low expectations placed on them are harming our nation. How? Hordes of middle class losers are getting sucked into the mental trap of “nothing ever happens”. If something DOES happen, ie. is reported on the news, then there were no actual PEOPLE involved. Just characters to them. You cant interact with those people anymore than you could interact with Darkwing Duck.

Now, how is this caused by low expectations? Well, you’ve got yourself a nice middle class job, working on spreadsheets and shit, you show up every day, nothing SHOULD be happening in the office, you aren’t at home. Boss wants things to remain the same, so no innovation for you. When you do arrive home, you watch some sitcoms and go to sleep.

So when someone that doesn’t live like that tells them a story or gives insight into a situation they know about, the loser defaults to “You must be lying”. Nothing ever happens in their world, so the same must be true for the other.

Now, how can this foolishness be fixed? Lowering the standards of behavior and raising the standards of whats expected at work. People who can do more believe that others can do more as well and would be put off by a stagnant life and less interested in projecting that on to others.

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Thought provoking.

People jealously guard their confirmation biases, and the bliss, that being ignorant, or deliberately blind provides.

Plato’s allegory of the cave, comes to mind.

I was in one discussion and some guy, as a CRITICISM, says “These sound like your own ideas, put together with words.” This has happened to me twice actually. These people get confused when you break from MSM talking points.

Clearly, the answer is Better Critical Thinking™.

Lol, you attracted a spambot.