We need to clear some "stuff" up

So, first off, lets recap, so people recall who I am. Osiris, as y’all know. Old school Bully. First investigator. Was definitely weird. Had a druggy phase and am notoriously anti social, leading to wonky relationships with women. Did many years of college and passed what I needed to for four years until I realized my major changes were due to lacking passion in any field. I left to pursue martial arts full time, which had been my hobby. This was in 2007.

I then left bullshido to focus on training. In 2010, my instructor, Mike Moses started playing games with the money. What happened? I went to teach a class I was supposed to teach. He walked in, saw me teaching, kicked me out of the position due to my rank, and then put in his other guy, a brown belt.

At this point I’d wiped pretty much everyone down, takkng an average of ten seconds per opponent. I only did one and one, no gi and gi, with one guy, so I only took one title. After that, I then defeated the last challenger in the middle of the night, as he got caught cleaning mats during the showdown. The match lasted an hour. So when I caught shit, I left. I was underpaid and living in a supply closet.

I was directionless for about one month. A girl from the academy went to MIT. I followed and settled in the area. I went to go teach BJJ as a brown belt. Keep in mind BJJ is basically chess or analytics, but physical. I’m not retarded. I keep teaching and then utilize my BJJ education to upgrade myself and my course.

One day Im ashy. I used to wrestle topless. So I slap on a t shirt that says heel hooks. Im looking at it like, fuck it, I should run some heel hooks. Everyone is wiped down. Vinnys team is there. See whats going down and wants out. Say Im a member. He taught at the same school Id been at. I hired him actually. So dude wants out of the matches for all team mates and then insists to the ref that this happen. It happens.

I then get bumped out… to black belt gi. I win. Because I was a better grappler.

I get back to the academy. I then get told I am not eligible for promotion. I say, cool. I never asked in the first place. Was the other guys idea. Vinny then goes to management, insists I accept a promotion and comes back with a 2k bill while insisting I’m sonehow tied to said bill. I owe no one money. I see another suspect bill and find several more.

At this point, I do say that I am a black belt, as I see the extortion and know what my actual level is. And its tourney stamped. Its illegal to ask for money like they asked.

People start accusing me of fraud. No, I told no other story and can provide the goods and services claimed at the level claimed.

Hundreds of people jumped in including the untrained, all stating bullshit and basically making up false, defamatory claims.

My wife started abusing me. Any time I didnt do something she freaked out and started screaming “SO YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING???” She grew violent and struck me and strangled me. I started catching charges. After one set of charges, I sought psychological help as I was facing two abuse fronts. BJJ and at home.

They figured I waa lying about BJJ via guesswork. Authorized an illegal assault one night and almost killed me and my then wife. They charge me. Wife freaks out again and attacks me in my sleep after a year of bullshit. Charged again. Get to courts after another year. State basically admits theyve been attacking people, stops the trial, I go free. I start getting active in the anti psych movement. They’re out for blood, but one dude got extra. So he goes down.

Years of BJJ abuse continue and wife starts to lose her mind. Alcohol, drugs, and junky friends.

Now, keep on mind that none of this is anything I’m interested in. This all started with community sanctioned abuse. This causes social and financial problems. I like martial arts, computers, RTS games, magic the gathering, star trey, and weed.

This is where shit pops off. Now we have a pandemic. Wife goes nuts. I go to jail again. Pandemic hits. Everything is destroyed. Men are needed. I hunt killers after taking down the aforementioned antipsych guy. I’m needed. Here we are.

Thats what happened. If yall wanted something normal to happen, shoulda let me go to work and skipped the abuse. Like normal people do. If you want shit to work out in the future, taking a stand against the abuse would be great. Or I can handle shit myself.

I don’t see how anything here makes it acceptable to defame or abuse me. Or what ever could make that acceptable.

All this extra shit? Notice how you heard it from people that are either demanding money or a kowtow and never from a single person that knows me? Its internet bullshit.

Also, think a bit. NAGA is in on the conspiracy, handing out fake medals? Come on…

As Hunter S. Thompson observed:
If you are going to behave in manners the self-satisfied, or intellectually insecure,
regard as crazy,
you had better get paid for it,
otherwise they will have you locked up,
for making them remember that their lack of insight, intellect, creativity, or control,
means they are very weak.
Or, that they serve Evil masters, or that they are themselves corrupt, or part of a corrupted machinery.


So, I’m on the T, and this kid goes, “Dad, we’re PEOPLE.” So the dad goes “Yes, we are. Everyone on this train is people.” Apparently some people didn’t get the memo.


At the end of the day, the allegations don’t make sense. We knew DAY ONE, before they realized they could just make shit up, that this was all about money. Then when they’re exposed, its about mental health, honor, low character, etc? Come on… They told the truth the first time.

And doesn’t it seem weird that this doesn’t impact other jobs? Like, the night clubs are tolerating a brain dead bouncer whos running around hallucinating and accusing people of random shit? “Shit, we’ve had another stabbing. Call that crazy bum who can’t fight and never tells the truth. He’ll handle it.” No one’s noticed? They don’t notice BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE.

just money

Heres the thing though. I’m not even acting that weird. When the rumors started, I’d been going to work, competing (wins and losses), then going home to my wife and pets, where we’d watch tv, play games, socialize, etc. Then after a couple weeks, I’d recieve a check from my boss with his cut of the profits taken out as well as state and federal taxes. Vinny was paid for his work and recieved money from the gym for his services. Thats what was going on. Thats literally all. There was nothing nefarious, crazy or even weird. If you check contemporary yelp reviews you’ll see that they don’t document a sub par, crazed, hallucinating instructor either. No one documented this ever until I saw a guy stealing.

It’s well past time to cut the shit.