Victoria Lee and Cyberbullying?

Does anyone have any more information on that? Something about cheating at a wrestling match.

How about her and Hamlin getting pulled into the “vaccines kill athletes” insanity. You can go down a list of social media dumbasses circulating that.

Most of the people circulating those conspiracy theories are fat and doomed anyway.

COVID vaccines cause spinal fractures too, haven’t you heard?

Cyberbullying? Is that what happens when the whole Web attacks you?

Yes, I realize the right is assuming every death is vaxx related.

Yes, cyberbullying is when the whole web attacks you.

Yeah, even after you’re not breathing anymore.

Every single post on Twitter in her memory is being flooded with images of syringes and BS about vaccines, and the occasional mention of Biden laptops.

It’s a sad and pathetic place. All of it. And now you can even die and the fucking Web will keep churning out batshit insane troll threads about you.

Makes me regret ever starting a social media profile. Thank God I know how to curate my shit. Probably the most important survival skill of the 21st century.

In that case its less malicious than it is stupid.

That would be true if millions weren’t dying.

Next time, billions.

The Devil whispered in my ear “you’re not prepared for the storm that’s coming”.

I whispered back “I love your eggs”.

Maybe we should hurry up and get rid of the perverse incentives that led to the gain of function research that was happening at the Wuhan lab.

Christ. Zero trust era.

Note to self: keep Brevard muted