Vaxx or hit the road?

Do you think there should be a mandatory C19 vaccination for public facing, publically funded workers?

I disagree with making people take anything

People who refuse without medical reasons should remain masked, and be subject to daily testing, at their own expense

If an unvaxed person gives covid to colleges or customers/service users, they should receive fines, or be prosecuted if the infected persons outcome is bad

No one should be forced to choose a job over getting a vaccine.

Then again, when I watch clowns say “vaccine rape” and “this is rape”, I want these fools to lose their jobs.

So say you worked on a cardio-thoracic ward with people who had chronic breathing problems. Would it be OK for that ward to mandate a TB vaccine for workers?

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I would be OK with that

It sounds like a no brainer to me, but I’m no rocket scientist

The level of resistance to vaccines amongst the medical professional community is surprising and disconcerting

Its just fucking bizzare!

I will say that i absolutely do believe that vaccines should be mandatory to maintain employment at any employers discretion. Employees that don’t want to get vaccines should be free to decide which they want more: their job and a vaccine or no job and no vaccine.

I don’t care about their opinions or politics. This is a 5th Amendment matter of property from which all capitalism in America springs.

If I could only choose one… If I could only choose one… amendment. Fif. F-I-F. Fif.

It’s a simple matter of business. The employer has a right to decide on practical healthcare decisions in their workplace and employees have a right to make decisions about their personal health at their own expense but never at the expense of others.

The rights of my fists stop at your nose.

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That is a two way street, of course.

Selfish and stupid people will think they have a right to put other people at risk and no amount of objectivity will convince them otherwise, so a decision like this from an employer will likely come at the cost of the righteous indignation of fools.

From my observation, being ethical is difficult for two reasons: one, unethical selfish people who strategically act in unethical ways to obtain advantages and two, foolish people who can’t identify the difference.

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Pretty sure MDs have to get TB shots…

It used to be but I think it hasn’t been mandatory for a number of years in the US