USADA vs UFC Split

So im sure you have all read about the USADA vs UFC/Mcgregor debarkle.

From a grass routs perspective here is what is so troubling and sad about it regardless of who is right or wrong in the debarkle.

Steroid use is widespread in grass routes mma especially in parts of europe.
We have seen guys enter the UFC at HW and leave at MW .
When dealing with the guys I help be it manage or match make or whatever I always expressed from as early as possible the importance of not taking anything if they were serious about the sport because as soon as they get to the next level they will have to stop and if they have been relying on that to get them their they will get found out quickly and painfully.
Its worked perfectly all the guys i work with are without question clean.
10yrs ago when I wasnt the guy to listen to I recall some advising " you have to take it or you will be at a dissadvantage because they are taking it"

We can get into the "he does a bit because he lives there and he doesnt because " blah blah blah but generally and mostly it was solid and worked well.
Now we enter the unknown and I personally think it sucks and the UFC have failed in that they havenet managed to resolve it.

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They just don’t understand the long term negative effects.

They think fight hibbablee hooblada is all that matters.

Pro fighters are the dumbest people on the planet unless they are making 6+ figures. The people “training” then are worse.

Present company excluded.