Understanding The Derp State

I’m seeing a lot of chatter that the attack by Hamas was an LIH false flag. How else could Mossad, the IDF, etc. fuck up so badly? Well… complacency and reputation. When you have a solid reputation, people are often less critical of your work and just assume its good. You’re sitting around with your thumb up your ass, nothings going wrong, everything must be cool. When questioned, you simply refer to your resume, job title and the prestige of your organization.

Being prestigous types, they start believing their own bullshit, overestimating their capabilities and downplaying enemy capabilities. Throw in elitist corporate type culture and now you have a person who’s culture is so misaligned with the foe as to be effectively psychotic.

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Much like 9-11, or the attack on Pearl Harbor–there’s very little that the government can’t screw up.

They just need to hire a solid red team who’s job is to sit around and plan the most ludicrous bullshit attacks possible.

I’ve also noticed a weird trend amongst that type of person where they think that different = inferior, even at a task that the different person specializes in. This is mainly due to associating an unprofessional culture with lack of ability. Its just a different culture, people aren’t retarded.

I basically don’t get rewarded for professional behavior at all. I used to, until I got attacked despite being a well behave professional. So I behave unprofessionally. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid. It means that I don’t get the benefit of that signal, so I don’t it. So when it comes time for action, if you’re one of those types, not only to you have to contend with my ability, but your deliberate misunderstanding of that ability.

Anyways, its something to clear up in training. Its ok to teach grunts that the enemy is a subhuman goon, but not to teach officers that. That gets people killed.

Its a little suss for sure but at the same time if somebody next door to me was stating that their sole aim was to wipe out my entire family but I was prevented from carrying out a preemptive strike to wipe them out first i might just be inclinded to allow them some room to give me the justification.

In the words of the great modern day scholar Chris Rock " Im not saying its right , but I understand"

No, thats just bullshit. People don’t understand the magnitude of the threat, because they havent thought of it yet. Hamas is one step away from wiping us down. Like, one dream, one bong rip, one acid trip away from doing serious harm.

Note that @W.Rabbit has run off IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. He also doesn’t understand disruptor strikes, Antifa, or his own access codes, so we’re about to get annihilated.

Basically, he needs to fire a MULTIgenerative disruptor depth charge at their command center to stop whats coming. He’s not gonna do that because he’s a moron and can’t figure it out, and I’m not gonna do that because I need to my tools to defend myself from jiujitsu fraud, which has been horrific and life threatening. If someone would deal with the fraud, we could fire freely at Hamas. Hopefully Rabbit can stop the threat himself. Enough info has been provided.

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