Training Schedule

I tried doing a quick search, so apologies if this has been discussed, i’m sure it has.

What does your training schedule look like? How do you space out, strength, fitness and technical work?

So my current art of choice is boxing, done various things in the past. I currently do a combination of the reddit recommended routine (my strength routine), boxing and steady state cardio like cycling and running (more cycling because it’s easier on the knees).

I don’t always stick to this, sometimes i mix it up, but the basic idea is:

Monday strength
Tuesday Boxing
Wednesday strength
Thursday boxing
Friday Strength
Saturday boxing / cycling
Sunday i take a long walk on the golf course (18 holes) … and sometimes do some light technical work in the evening.

Meant to be stretching every night.

I don’t always get all the stretching sessions in and i sometimes do a double session on Thursdays of boxing (morning fitness, afternoon sparring). Sometimes i throw in a Manny Pacquiao core workout there are a bunch of them on youtube, did this one last night, quite like them.

Comments would be appreciated, or even insight into what you are doing. I mix it up every few months, so constantly looking at where i can tweak improve or do something different.

Edit: there are one or two sets i can’t finish in that video, don’t want to oversell … haha.

On the stretching, a good warmup can include dynamic stretching. Same with a cool down. Static stretching is not so necessary, if that is what you are doing.

That way you are stretching twice per workout session.

You probably need a rest day in there somewhere.

Recovery time is important for progress. There are a lot of relaxation exercises you can do in between strength, cardio, boxing sessions that will help.

Whatever it is, chocolate milk is proven to be the best post workout drink, so make sure to fit that in your schedule too.

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Yeah for sure. I do dynamic stretching before I start, i don’t want to loosen up my joints too much before training. I prefer static stretches in the evening, i feel certain muscles like lats and quads only ease up after a bit of a more prolonged stretch. Also if i have problem areas i feel like i have more control over a static stretch. Static stretching also helps with my recovery. I’m definitely a fan of both.

Yeah finding that balance is tricky for me. If i notice i’m getting depro and feel emotional, i usually take a day off. I take it as a hint my CNS is depleting. I take a ton of stuff for recovery, i know there are different views on how well which supplements work. I have a mate that says i’m wasting my time and i should just go on TRT. I’m 39, so i guess i’m trying to hedge my bets. I don’t like messing with hormones though, so not trying the TRT.

MSM and omega oil for joints
Beta-alanine (some studies show it also helps for endurance), creatine, BCAA, turmeric, whey protein, COQ10, l-glutamine for recovery
Vitamin D for helping with testosterone.

I take a magnesium fizzie after heavy sessions (not part of my daily)

Of those, the ones that have been tested the most with proven results is probably the whey protein and creatine.

I love milk, so i’ll definitely check out the chocolate milk link. Thanks for that.

I don’t train to failure in the strength sessions, the sessions are full body, trying the approach of getting in reps and volume in over time, as apposed to failure in a split program. I’m also not doing pure strength due to the tradeoff between strength and speed. So reps are in the region of 6 - 9 per set with a rest period of 3 min between sets, e.g. set of chest, rest 90 secs, legs 90 secs, back to chest. Don’t really do isolation, mostly compound. I’m hoping the cardio nature of the boxing vs. the long rest cycles of the strength targets the body in such a way that it doesn’t deplete the muscles because you are working different attributes. The part that does get hit though in both instances is the CNS.

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