Training at multiple MMA Gyms?

Is it normal to train at multiple MMA gyms or do most people pick one and stick to one?

How many gyms do you have access to

In my town in Texas, not many, in Austin, a few.

Do you want to train at multiple gyms?

It is for us. Because it provides a better depth of experience.

It takes a village to raise a fighter.

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You mean like different teaching, training and sparring styles?

Well, it is extremely common to train, say Jiu-Jitsu at one gym, if they don’t train a lot of wrestling or Judo, but are very strong on the groundwork, but also train Judo / Wrestling at different Judo / Wrestling gyms, etc.
Or train boxing at a boxing gym.
In the first place, each of the derivative sports, or activities can be a lot of fun.
And in the second place, some places excel at some things, or are specialists in some areas, but not others.
Most of the black belts underneath my lineage, would not care, and in fact, we generally encourage people to cross train, and I certainly don’t care, and encourage people to get as much time as they can with great coaches, or training with different body types, etc.
And for MMA, one really should take a team of coaches approach.
Even if one coach, is the guiding tour director, for the overall training course of the athlete, and how those various other specialists, and time, blends together.

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Thanks, makes sense

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Real mature man, grow up

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If you are in Austin, just go to Cooper’s. Maybe add AHWG if you HEMA, and there’s a few nice climbing gyms.

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Seconding Cooper’s.

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I think there’s at least 7 Bullies that do or have trained there. One of our own is a Judo coach, there, last I checked.

My instructor encourages it and we have a friendly rep with a few choice gyms in the area. They also send some of their fighters to our place. It give you a different perspective on training. Some MMA coaches are still built from whatever backgrounds they used to have before going into MMA and coaching so you get a different view when it comes to training techniques. Works on different strengths and weakness’s. Also gets you away from being too complacent with constantly training and sparring with the same handful of people.

So yeah I’d say it’s normal and encouraged.

There is nothing wrong with that. You can ask your instructor as well. Many instructors encourage it.