[Tip] When posting a new thread, include an image


The new forums pull the image to show up in the list of threads, so if you don’t, the guy replying to you has an opportunity to post something stupid which will be associated with your thread.

Might as well point out this potential for fuckery now to encourage you to avoid it.

So as you can see if you want to get fancy you can use a gif too.


FYI if you don’t recognize this lady do you even science?

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Your mum is HAWT!

No she isn’t how dare you?

This is Alexandra!


That’s where I recognize her from! I knew she wasn’t just a meme, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

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Arguably the most influential “hacker” in the past 10 years.

Hahahahahahahaha no.

But Kazakh women are certainly some of the most gifted, intelligent, and beautiful in the whole world and she is no exception.

I’d be Conan to her Pirate Queen any day.

She’s a far rightwing anti-Democracy activist that likely started her industrial espionage site with the aid of the GRU in it’s ongoing multipronged assault on the Western world that has at it’s root a goal of total destruction of the United States, NATO and the capital “L” Liberal values that dragged the world out of the Dark Ages starting at the dawn of the Renaissance. The Soviets were and modern Russia is governed by the same people with the same ultra-expansionist motivations. Every time they prop up someone like Snowden or an organization like Wikileaks it is to attack America and degrade it’s ability to govern.

You guys that don’t spend any time around the people who still remember living in the Soviet Union like my soon to be ex-wife’s family really do not understand just how much is done to stymie progress and fan the flames of destruction. This woman is NOT a friend of science or academic advancement. She’s just hiding one splinter of GRU’s espionage program behind the thin veneer of free speech. She has no interest whatsoever in the free sharing of scientific information, any more than Al Qaeda is interested in freedom of religion.

If you think I’m just some paranoid cold war fossil, please, by all means, buy your ticket to St Petersburg today and spend as much time talking to the locals about the the United States. Their version of Fox News punditry is a pure cocaine of anti-American hate so convoluted it puts the fabled Gordian Knot to shame.

Hahahhahahahaa, no.

Ahahhahahhahahahaha none of what you just said is supported by facts.

Your anti-eastern European/central-Asian bias is showing, though. Try to support that extraordinary set of extraordinary claims with something more substantial, and no “the DOJ is investigating a hacker” doesn’t remotely qualify.

She isn’t your mum or she isn’t HAWT!

God, you’re such a phony.


You’re just not supposed to post defamatory rants online against people uncharged, unconvicted, and unsentenced for criminal activity. Whether they post here or not.

Otherwise you just come off as a big faceless coward with a decent internet connection who knows absolutely nothing about anything, especially about Russian active measures and intelligence gathering, other than what you read online.

Right? Like a Karen educating people on vaccine contents, or a Steve mansplaining dick jokes to feminists.

So you are saying I should not post that wabbit is a sheep shagger?

Not unless you’re prepared to defend that statement at length with actual facts.

You know who else they called Anti-Democracy?