This is Why I'm Top Investigator

How is your Juneteenth going? Enjoying your brand new federal holiday? Remember the Juneteenth Massacre today? No? Neither do I. Neither do I.

Another Anthem (

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Now that’s a shanty I know well.

Who else here has driven the hard road to Kahului?

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I did it bro. I fucking did it. You have no idea what was coming.

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I do have a nice picture of the death roads of Northern Maui.

It’s an actual photo, I’ll have to dig it up.

I don’t know about you being the site’s best investigator. I have had, by a corrupt or naive judge, had a protection order filed against me by one of the site’s biggest frauds.

This shit lives with one forever.

I could give a shit about another Federal holiday. Me thinks it’s political but then I’d like to see one given up for one gained.

I’d much rather have discussion of the divide.

We’ve, in my lifetime, never seen the like.

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Carter Hargrave is a grape. That’s a Naval aviator term, mind you.

Let it be known today…slavery sucks.

Unless you want it.

You don’t deserve a prima posta

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Oh, you have no idea. The Juneteenth investigation was INSANE. All hell broke loose in the northeast on another level. The shit would be all over the news, but I keep winning, so nothing happens.

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Instead of Juneteenth, if they’d just pushed to make election day a national holiday it would have been a much more strategically placed holiday that would actually help people who are disadvantaged by the system.

I’m not exactly sure what Juneteenth is but I bet it isn’t going to do as much as people seem to think it’s going to do.

Is 150,000 steps a week overdoing it?

Asking for a friend.