This is what entitlement looks like

So, here you have one of the worst grapplers of his generation and ours, but because of his family name, he feels he’s owned millions. So how do you turn this hot garbage into a million dollars? You scam people and threaten anyone who speaks out against your ponzi scheme:

And yeah, for anyone complaining about my politics, keeping my credit card away from this parasite is absolutely worth the conflict Im causing in this nation, as I need that money to eat and it belongs to me. Lets work on getting this fraud out of here regardless of his last name.

To put it in perspective, imagine that he decided that bullshido owed him 2k for owning a martial arts site and he does martial arts. Then he uses that money to pay the people he promised riches to earlier. Promises you you can keep running your own site.

Now, according to my math, thats about 5200 dollars worth of jiujitsu. 20 bucks for an open mat (that person isnt qualified to teach a class), per week, per attendee which should be about ten, minus the cost of the facilities, which is about half. Yet here we have a net worth of five million. Something doesnt add up. Cause thats some low grade jiujitsu.

My theory is that Carlos dragged all his friends into business promising them riches. They all ended up with legitimate earnings of 24000 a year or so. Not what he made it out to be. So he sees a new generation, realizes he can use his company and family name to extort them, and plans to kick that money up to previous investors. Then he pays that investor back with franchise opportunities after theyve paid in for the time it takes them to make 3rd degree. So its a literal ponzi scheme, which any actually educated businessman should be able to see, as this type of fraud is in fact covered in business school.

Now, to put things in perspective only about 1% of the us population suffers from schizophrenia, with the estimates going as low as .3%

On the other hand, Brazilian corruption impact over 1% of their GDP. So when you factor in the supporting documents including documentation of my incident, the Hillary Williams incident, the James Liu incident and the John Gornan incident, as well as the Carlos Gracie Sr incident it becomes kinda overwhelming.

Guys simply a crook, its a part of his culture and upbringing. There is no reason to leave me on the hook in any way for this parasites behavior. There never was. You all jumped at the least likely conclusion to vindicate a failed celebrity.

Its fucking disgusting. First I have to pay for this parasites existence and now his crimes?

First and foremost, they stole jujutsu to make a buck. Talk about a culture war.

If you ever want help scripting a musical to tell your story, I’ll volunteer. Something like Alexander Hamilton meets Evita.

South America is a cesspool of dirty players, it’s not surprising a powerful family would figure out a way to milk North America indefinitely, using “self defense” training classes.

I think your pain stems from getting involved in the fringe of elitists who truly believe that mat performance translates into personal integrity. Never did. Pro boxing taught us C.R.E.A.M. BJJ taught us sweaty mat crawlers think they run the whole show.

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The IBJJF needs to be kicked out of the USA. It’s a free pass for human trafficking. Also, Renzo Gracie jiu jitsu in New Hampshire has a “professor” Kevin Landry running their schools, and he is an incompetent felon, for theft by deception. I have been investigating them and am almost finished with this disturbing story. Lots and lots of nefarious behavior, to say the least.
And by the way, Renzo thinks americans are weak, because they will admire and pay him, and turn on their own. These are facts.

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Good synopsis. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word.

If they thought mat performance equaled integrity than they wouldve sided with me over Carlos and Vinny. Im better than both of them put together. They believe that connection to the Gracie family = integrity.

Seriously. They need to go. They need to fucking go. They cant be allowed to operate here because of the amounts of money they steal and their penchant for violent abuse of everyone.

And Renzo is right. America IS weak right now. We need to find our pride for ourselves as a nation again, band together and expel these parasites.

Thank you brother for taking pride in yourself, your country, and most importantly your integrity.

When I write “performance” I don’t mean skill.

I mean acting, Gary.

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You aint half bad Rabbit.

I’m thinking LEO wont move because Jr is a rat, as seen in the James Liu case, and he trains law enforcement. So they just kinda let this blatant scam ride. Then they’re gonna be mad shocked when something happens. Its like the Enron of martial arts, except Enron wasnt hunting dudes down and forcing them to invest.

The gross thing is that its just fucking wrestling. You invented that? Ok, I invented sex. I own your children. It doesnt make fucking sense. Ive been wrestling for fun since the age of like 6. Or whenever my little brother was of age. Ive had technique since I stumbled on my dads judo book. I dont owe Carlos Gracie Jr. shit. Fucking Peedee Shaolin was a bigger inspiration. The Power Rangers. 80s ninjas flicks on whatever my dad watched. Im not a Gracie project, I just went where the grappling was after high school where Id already wrestled. I was pleased that I actually was beating the BJJ guys, whereas I went 1-3 in three years of wrestling. I was bad at wrestling and legit good at BJJ.

The bottom line is that no one has an extra 5 million dollars for this parasite to exist. If the crime spree that we’re witnessing is what it takes for him to survive… well… I guess that needs to be handled. Cause I don’t owe it or have it. This dude coulda actually been up 400 (nice for zero work at all) if he’d just asked the stated rate. But he decided to prey on someone, so now its on sight.