This is the most redundant thing I've ever seen


Is that some K Pop band?

They’re members of a japanese pop group. They were making fun of Korean people’s eyes on instagram but they’re fucking japanese they have the same exact eyes.

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You should go to northen Ireland. They cant even be in the same room as each other.

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Well thats casually racist.

“They all look the same to me” :man_facepalming:

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Japanese disguised as Koreans? Huh.

I make a game of secretly guessing people’s Asian ancestry by their facial features, but keeping it in my head so as not to sound like a dumbass to other people. I learned this from my paternal grandfather who was an expert in Asian anthropology.

This one had me stumped. I guess it’s an effective camoflage.

With enough makeup, we all look alike.

I know you’re taking the piss but do you honestly think Koreans and Japanese look different?

I remember in P.E. class at college me, this Korean guy and this black girl were having a conversation. She told the Korean guy she could tell he was Korean and not Chinese. He said what do you mean we look exactly the same.

I’m not good at guessing Asian people’s ethnicities. But I can usually tell if someone is Vietnamese. I’ve asked people when I meet them if they are Vietnamese or not and they’re surprised I could tell. Filipinos are easy to tell so that doesn’t mean anything. I met this Filipino cashier at Target and I asked her if she was Filipino and she was shocked. She was like how did you know I was Filipino are you half Filipino? I explained to her that I’m from California and not Texas so I know what Filipinos look like.

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It’s probably just me but the Korean and Japanese language sound similar. I was watching Fighter in the Wind which is a movie based on Mas Oyama and I got confused as hell when Oyama spoke Japanese in a Korean accent.

It don’t make any difference in the jungle, baby.

We are all cousins. A Hawaiian taught me that.

If we were all cousins that would mean I fucked my cousin. I don’t fuck my cousins, I’m not from Texas.

Always with the racism.

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Every now and then i think i can, but it’s just wishful thinking. I watch a lot of south korean, chinese and japanese content, but still don’t think i’d be able to do it accurately.

Or as they call it, “content”.

RiP Matthew Perry for that joke.

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Well at least you can recognize their languages. Most non asians can’t. Japanese people say they can recognize another Japanese person overseas based on their clothing.

I tried to learn Mandarin once upon a time, it blew my mind how linguistically different (pitches/tones used to change the meaning of words) it was to English, also helped me understand why so many chinese people struggle to learn english.

I’m thinking of learning a new local language and it’s the same reason i’m thinking of going for Zulu over Xhosa (there are 14 official languages here)

… also wouldn’t mind learning sign language, i guess time will tell if i commit to either.

I read this book named Kaffir Boy a long time ago. It’s an autobioraphy about a black man growing up in South Africa during apatheid. One of the things that freaked me out about his life was how many languages he knew. If I remember correctly he knew 6 or 7 different languages. On top of the multiple African languages he knew he was also fluent in Afrikans and Englsih.

A random thought popped into my head. I remember playing this video game called Shenmue. This 18 year old Japanese kid interrogates all the Chinese people in the neighborhood because the guy who killed his father was Chinese.