This is how you know its lies

They got caught red handed so gas lighting is their only way out. I musta confused them with another school? Come on… thats absurd. We have clear screen shots of Vinny Souza demanding money. Its shameful that anyone here amplifies their lies.

They use equivocation to convince themselves that they’re telling the truth. There is in fact no record of me signing an affiliation contract with them. So no association. But they also want to mislead readers into thinking they dont know me. So no record of me being associated. Then when I provide proof of them knowing me, they can switch back to association contract meaning and call me a liar.

Its fucking pathetic and transparent. @W.Rabbit isn’t this bullshit actually covered in the covert signaling portion of your education? Also, hilariously bad math. This dude thinks he’s only gonna lose MONEY on a bad signal. Lol

Notice that they don’t admit they asked for the money when we all know they did. Its because they’re counting on groups like Bullshido to embrace fabrication this one time to not disturb their racket.

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Ok, martial arts gym/school owners and the various associations/organizations out there…Please, things happen; you get failed business relationships, someone you were working with or had as a member turned out to be dishonest, or even criminal, or just a guy/gal no one can work with. Projects fail, schools close, fight cards don’t pay out etc., just be open and honest about it. "We found out this or that, or this or that thing has occurred, or whatever–and so we have broken ties and no longer do business or are no longer associated with/ or we don’t work with this person/these people anymore. Not hard.

All this lying and this grandma choppin’, murder you in your sleep, if I see you I’ll attack you shit is unacceptable and its creating a deadly situation. It’s literally psychotic. BTT tried to redo my rank to link to my credit card number and I said no, I’m going with the evaluation that was not linked to that crime. The legal and ethical one. I should be 100% safe to do that. Getting violent about that or lying about that isn’t cool at all.

And of course I don’t give out thousands of dollars when my grades go up. That would make school of any sort both artificial and artificially expensive and its an illegal arrangement in this state and I think federally. Extortion.


Never @ me, it’ll go into the meat grinder.

Bud Light, I wish the Brazilian/Boston Top Team was my top target right now. But I’m tied up dealing with Phrost Shenanigans (again) doing what he does: making enemies.

The location doesn’t matter, there are plenty of psycho Brazilians trying to invade Boston. Trying and failing, like their fathers and their fathers before them.

Unlike myself, whose father’s father’s ashes, adorn easternmost limits beyond the Berkshires. As will mine.

If it’s worth anything (according to a select few it’s not), I’d give you a coral belt for effort.

This is my future burial place. Where will yours be?