They Cloned Tyrone (Spoilers)

Oh boy. So, as an expert in fried chicken protection, I had to check out They Cloned Tyrone. This brilliantly racist masterpiece is perhaps the first truly hyperborean film. In this dystopian sci fi horror film, we see a West almost completely overrun by blacks. Pimps, hos, drug dealers. One brave scientist fights back, seeking to restore the West to its former glory by resurrecting the white race.

First off, this movie is funny. It doesnt take itself too seriously and it gives you a lot of laughs over its two hour run time. The plot keeps things moving and we get a good feel for who our characters are. Even though they’re lab bred blacks, the movie decides to portray them, at least the ones we follow, as goofy, criminal street blacks, who crack jokes in between running criminal enterprises and shooting people.

Now, the philosophy of the movie is interesting. If there’s one thing that all the characters of the movie seem to agree on its that there are too many blacks. Way too many, they’re all the same, etc. The main conflict seems to be what to do about it. Based. Now, this movie contains some advanced racism and is racist against many different people in different ways. In addition to its anti black ideology. It also contains black supremacist ideology with elements of Yacub style experimentation. Now, one element where it falls short is they they refuse to name names. They allude multiple times to secret overlords controlling everything, but refuse to show them or name them. In a movie with a lot of racism, there was room for more, and it missed the boat there.

All in all, They Cloned Tyrone is an excellent display of racial paranoia juxtaposed with a lot of pimping, hoing and drug use.



Kiefer Sutherland’s casting was dead on balls perfect. And now I’m wondering if Jamie Foxx was seriously injured making this film. It would make sense.

I found the movie one of the most accurate and disturbing satires I’ve ever seen, especially given the fact that my youngest is now into N.W.A. and I catch him spitting Eazy E lyrics around the kitchen, and talking in slang form when he’s hanging with his friend from downtown New Brunswick.

Hyperborean though? Maybe in the metaphorical sense, but I definitely got the Nation of Islam critique going on. Way to stick it to the man, this movies origin story is equally absurd.

Definitely hyperborean. The antagonist is trying to save the country from rampaging blacks by restoring the white race. And they are all in fact, in this story, pimps, hos and drug dealers. Thats the sorta shit you see on telegram.

You can also look at the timing of the N word, as its right about when you’re gonna be thinking it, and other subtle and not so subtle racist elements.

Think about it. Our hero wants to essentially destroy this extra generation of illegitimate blacks before they’re born, and our villain wants to turn them all white. Did Hitler write this?

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I think Mike Judge wrote it first.

They Cloned Tyrone is the Black Mirror version of Idiocracy.

It’s no Striking Vipers X, though.

Havent actually seen Idiocracy.

In that timeline, the President is Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho.


It is a must see.

The amount of times i have had this argument.