These people are literal fascist slavers

That was pretty messed up.

Its who they are at heart. Americans need to realize that not everyone is like us and that the differences between cultures are not always positive. In the case of Brazilians, dumbass Americans are underestimating the depravity of their hierarchal structure. The higher rank the Brazilian, the more likely he is to engage in class based aggression or grift. The same goes for their American counterpart who have fallen into the culture.

Meanwhile low class brazilians are often engaged in similar violence, but lack the same impunity. So they’ll rob you and run, whereas a high class Brazilian will rob you and go “So what?”

This is what Bullshido has unleashed on the martial arts community. Literal slavery. Its gonna be a long time before anyone in the community works up the nerve to say “No”, to one of these parasites again.


Not sure it’s so much Bullshido, which was all about supporting aliveness in martial arts (good) and open competition (better) to create a world where martial artists didn’t just TALK and fill up the web with crap.

This is more about the thug atmosphere promoted by colored belt idiots who believe their cute little cotton pants holder up is somehow symbolic of their mastery of the universe.

If only people would get their belts, and then just STFU and keep training. Instead these gangsters actually believe they are alpha predators.

That thug atmosphere was challenged by myself and supported by bullshido. They got caught red handed stealing from me and somehow claimed to be the victims. Wut? They shouldve been stopped then and there.