These guys are starting to become serious losers

Gordon Ryan To Ryan Hall: “You Were Never Good At Jiu-Jitsu” (

Gordon Ryan making one of the stupidest comments of the year.

Abuse is his brand. I kinda feel bad for him. It’s how he was raised by Deblass. Dude introduced that element to him early on, but he would’ve been great without it.

Seems to be a trend.


Prima Posta


Dude hasn’t lost in forever and is making a shit ton of money in a sport where almost nobody makes money. I don’t think he’s going to ease off on the smack talk any time soon. If people want him to shut up they’re going to have to shut him up. He came out smelling like a rose when he slapped the shit out of Galvao too. He just keeps on winning. We’ll see how he performs after the layoff.

Well, that was just funny.


These guys don’t have the heart or the athletic discipline to stop him. Or the ground intelligence. They turned to the cock sucking standard about the time that Ryan came out, which is great for optics, but bad for actual results.