The Road House Reboot Thread (spoilers, duh)

Placeholder: I intend on watching the Donnie Darko version, tonight.

Depending on how the conversation goes, might move this from Sociocide to a different area.

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Say hi to Frank for me.

Jake is up there with DiCaprio, Bale, and Phoenix (the live one).

He walks the line.

Source Code. Zodiac. Nightcrawler. Prisoners.
Enemy. Demolition. Spiderman. Southpaw.

Roadhouse 24 was the obvious next phase in his transformation, and also proof I was right about everything I ever posted here about McGregor.

A little belated Easter egg…Jake might have been in Dune, and nobody would have noticed but me and Denis.

I think I broke the spacetime continuum, too.

Somehow, I cast a spell (like a rain dance) that brought Donnie Darko Roadhouse into the real world, just like in Barbie.

Within 8 hours, t shirts.

Kenergy is dangerous. Too intense.

I waited for enough people to watch it first.

Nothing I have heard leads me to believe it is worthy of my time.

First one was a classic.

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It was generally dumb, but I’ve certainly watched worse things.

You’ll appreciate this.

A lot of Tai Chi Quan llamas hate the scenes where Swayze exercises in the morning. He does some basic Tai Chi stretches and breathing meditation in the morning sun. He looks lean and hard. So hard the guy who owns the farm is visibly aroused. And the guy who went on to play Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski rides away on his smugly quad, mildly intimidated.

Apparently a lot in that crowd dislikes muscle. They believe you can overcome muscle with being at unity with the universe.

As Bullshido’s resident expert on the Dao that Cannot be Named, that’s such bullshit.

Who here believes Patrick Swayze couldn’t kick ass with Tai Chi. Ever seen that guy dance? Capture hearts? All these “real Tai Chi” idiots.

Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu’s dance battle in Barbie is a Roadhouse/Dirty Dancing homage. I’m practicing the routine as I write this.

Somebody sent me a video of Dillman the other day .

Cant believe he is still doing the rounds.

This post reminded me of him and his legion of muscleless chi warriors.

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Just for comparison.

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I legit snort-laughed at this.

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Make Tap-Out Great Again!

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