The Politician and the Pork Pie

Post stories about Politicians caught out in a lie

For example


Great article, man.

It’s all a snow job, just like every other Trump supporter.

Real “woods rifle” he’s carrying there…

What a rube. Even worse than the idiots who elected him, and the party leaders in NC who wanted him as a candidate.

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You know what? The first thing I saw was the dog.

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This is a good example of lying when the truth will suffice

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This was back when truth mattered.

Not to her, apparently.

I guess her narcissism isn’t as bad as Trump’s?

The media corrected her. Notice how AOC they’re making excuses for. Times have changed.

Well…there were excuses back then too.

AOC got the fake news treatment, which is of course WAY worse than back when the Hillary incident at the airport happened.

So, the fake news crap made it harder to criticize AOC. Plus, she’s a media darling and now has invoked #METOO.

clever move

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Well, yeah…

How about in Ireland?

Isn’t it odd how much time @doofaloofa spends critiquing the US?

Then again, that’s one of the more balanced articles from Business Insider. Usually they’re leaning a fair bit more to the left. Doofus fodder.

Nepotism running rampant

Sorry to hurt your feelings Joe

If it’s any consolation you can mock European politicians if you like

Not worth bothering…

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In a measure to increase inclusivity I vow to post articles about lieing politicians from around the world