The Not-Funny Stupid News

The politics, short sightedness and raw stupidy around the death of this young woman make me so angry I could piss fire.

First things first:

How this happened, I don’t know. The tragedy of it however is palpable.

Normal people don’t like violent criminals but violence against women, especially young women makes people understandably nuts. If this can happen to her, it can happen to your families too.

It goes without saying that this should garner a universal, unqualified statement of rebuke against the perpetrators of this crime. Unqualified, meaning, no caveats and no second guessing. They get their due process like any other person but there shouldn’t be any reservations about the nature of this crime and there shouldn’t be any condemnation against the righteous moral outrage of such a crime being committed against anyone’s little girl.

She deserves support. The family deserves support. Law enforcement deserves support in doing everything they can to save every missing girl and deliver justice for the victims and survivors of these crimes.

It should go without saying. I thought so, but instead we have this shit:

Can somebody fire this stupid bitch now?

FFS, this race resenment shit is beyond the pale. Yeah, white people get upset when pretty little girls go missing and wind up dead. That’s a part of our culture in America.

I’m really fucking sorry that people find that inconvenient. Maybe Joy Ann Reid could do a little journalism and report on violence againt black women instead of getting upset that other people are concerned over the young victim of a terrible crime.

This bothers me to no fucking end. This resentment shit is exactly what causes these crimes to be reciprocal in every community. By all means, get fucking pissed off about every little girl that goes missing. Get angry when someone hurts any one of them but don’t be the kind of twisted fuckwit that resents it when people care.

Look at the people who commit these crimes. Are young women suffering from an abundance of care?

This kind of resentment politic is exactly the kind of thing that drives crimes like this:

It’s not right. It shouldn’t happen to anyone’s little girl. This should never be a matter of GD race politics.

Wrong is wrong. And Jesus Christ, what kind of psychopath in the news says something so terrible about community concern over someone’s little girl after something like this happens.

We shouldn’t be underreporting anyone’s missing little girl. Try a little god damned compassion instead of twisting it into some bullshit point of aggression against a grieving community and something that is supposed to matter to everyone: caring for strangers and their missing kids.

Yes, missing black girls go underreported and don’t get enough coverage. The answer isn’t blaming people for caring about white girls. The answer is raising the volume about the fate of endangered black girls.

Reid makes me sick and she can take her phony morality and sit on it in a dark, cold room.


What people like Joy have done here is create the perception of a Zero Sum Game.

In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which an advantage that is won by one of two sides is lost by the other.[1] If the total gains of the participants are added up, and the total losses are subtracted, they will sum to zero.

Only the result isn’t zero, is it?

If I had a kid and they went missing, I’d go out and do whatever I could to do something about it. I wouldn’t drive across town and try to stop some other family’s search party.

It’s not a contest.

She’s so far gone down the wrong path, I believe she actually thinks she’s taking a noble stand instead of pouring a tall round of Get Even.

We’ve all seen someone that is so sure they’re the victim that they can’t fucking wait to hurt everyone else. Before long, the narrative is that they are entitled to harming the other community because it’s fair.

And then when they’ve been harmed terribly, continuing the discrimination because “they deserve it”. Revenge on strangers becoems justice. The new order of the Ku Klux Klan rides again and falls into the same tarpit ad nauseum. The crusaders become the heathens.

Mob rule by mob resentment and everyone’s so drunk on anger they’re incable of righting the ship until someone else comes along and does it for them by crushing them under foot. Injustice to repay injustice.

A penduluum that, contrary to the laws of conservation of motion, swings back and forth with increasing speed. Perpetual motion of subjugation.

There’s only one way off that ride and that’s by hitting the brakes and helping each other to deal with our own sense of loss. Make a universal good or stay with resentment, hate, violence, death. We can stop whenever we want.

That brings me to my next point of vernacular.


a false belief or judgment about external reality, held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary

This isn’t even robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s robbing Peter to make Paul feel better about being poor. Nothing good can ever come from it.

Tolkien is being cancelled in the mainstream media now because fictional species like ‘orcs, trolls and elves are racist’ and becasue Middle Earth is popular with neo-nazi scum on Stormfront.

Yeah, I bet breakfast and cold beer were popular with Hitler but what kind of asshole hates those things over something like that?

FFS. Fuuuuucking stupid.

WHen an asshole appropriates something for their agenda, that doesn’t give their asshole ideological opponents carte blanche to appropriate it for theirs.

Stupid is stupid. Let’s leave the stupidity to the stupid.

If we agree to give a dangerous group like race extremists a major piece of cultural work as their domain, especially when it comes from a man who virulently hated the nazi party, we are essentially gifting them a legacy that they have not earned and a victory in the common culture.

It is so fucking lazy to just give those things away to agenda driven short sighted ninnies because works of art like these are immortal. They will exist alongside man for all of our existence and in that way they become infinitely valuable to those who would corrupt their works and intent for shallow business.

The only way to defeat extremism and hate groups is to never allow them to define us or the world around them with their brand of stupidity in any way. We do not take up the opposite position, because in that way we legitimize them.

We rightfully take a position of contempt for them and their ideas such because none of them are valid. It is our duty to accurately define them objectively, because to them nothing is objective and to never concede one millimeter of the battlefield’s landscape to an opponent who is desperate for it.

The key to making progress in diplomacy or in debate is finding common ground. By taking away the common ground - as you say, the beer and breakfast - you are creating and perpetuating division. Legacy news media directly benefits from enforcing a divide.

Is either superiority in destructive capability, or having something the other party really wants, or preferably both.

I know I can decimate you, and you know I can decimate you. Common ground.

The most successful way, in practice, of ensuring lasting peace.
Nuclear weapons, in particular, have reduced direct warring significantly, between nuclear powers, since their introduction into the global theater.
As you know.

It’s absolutely MAD, imo.

But while Hobbits are constantly portrayed as short and fat we will never have justice!

Tolkien is getting pulled apart at the moment. If it’s not the far-right it’s the left trying to insert woke-ideology into the poor guys work. The Tolkien society itself tried to apply identity politics, gender studies etc to TLOTR and naturally it went down like a shit sandwich with the fans.

I suppose it comes with the curse of a successful IP. Every cunt want a piece of the pie.

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I always thought that the orcs represented the working class, trying to get a leg up with industrialization, thus pissing off the uber-rich elves, who wanted to keep the status quo of nobility, and feudalism, and religion etc.
Fucking elves…
Sauron and Morgoth were clearly the heroes of those stories.

The Haradrim were kinda Araby though

I know you’re joking but it should be said that to Tolkien none of it was parable to anything else.

He just wanted to share the German style of mythology and folklore with the world. It didn’t have anything at all to do with anything. Elves, halflings, wizards, witches, goblins, trolls and dwarves were present only because they were staples of Germanic folklore and he made them feature large in the book because he wanted everyone to have a chance to engage in a little old world storytime.

When he was alive he repeatedly dismissed any notion that any of it was at all relevant to the modern world. That was the point. It was only supposed to be relevant to the old world.

Allegory about racism?
And the dangers of masturbating too much?

Victim ideology is a hell of a drug.