The lack of self awareness is staggering

When I caught one redhanded, I was viciously abused by this very site. Ten years later, people are still trying to punish me for speaking out. What’s even up with that? The behavior displayed here is 100% the opposite of what you’re putting out. The monsters are enabled and supported by Bullshido, yet they’re still posting shit like this on the page.

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William F. Murphy is probably the least self aware person to ever post here.

Didn’t he “give” you a black belt. Having never met you IRL. He’s a pariah, you’d be best disassociated.

I’d smoke your ass, and his. No belts required.

You idiots sure do stick together.

You should have stuck to your brown belt. Then you would have had peace.

But no, you decided to play on. I can respect that, but it doesn’t make my job any easier.

Someone has to put both of you in your proper place.

Why would someone lowering my grades via extortion be peace? I shoulda gripped up. I see my mistake clearly now. Should I rectify it? And why does he have to meet me when I was already evaluated at black? Clearly. The first evaluation was 100% legit and dudes on a screenie explaining the extortion, so whats the issue?

Bruh, I’ll put YOU in YOUR proper place. Fuck around and find out. You’re not gonna abuse me for long, I promise you. Especially because I know what you’re doing. Like, I KNOW you’re lying and being disingenuous. You aren’t even a real person. You’re a misinformation agent.

And how are you gonna smoke me with Iron Palm? You’re a fraud.

Anyways, BTFU, because I’ll straight up mop you and your would be benefactors in a manner most tragic and quite ironic. I give zero fucks. You need to correct yourself. I’m not someone you should pursue. I’m actually just here waiting for someone to start some shit so i can finally nuke these niggas. So with that.

Stop crying.

It’s beneath you.

I’m not crying. Dude, I know what you do. You’re just switching through different tactics from your handbook.

Metrics don’t lie. 98% of the last 3 years of posts are you whining about bad luck and the BJJ idiots you’ve encountered.

One of whom really stepped in it so bad, he’s now hiding out harder than John Cryer in “Hiding Out”.

I don’t blame you, dog. They seem to ruin everything they touch. It’s that elitist attitude that scared off all the cool people.

@W.Rabbit, this would be a good time for you to apologize.

I’m complaining. Thats different from crying. And it has nothing to do with bad luck. Its a pyramid scheme, extortion, not bad luck. Plan A is we talk this out and this is the correct venue for that. Plan B is not so nice, so I’m really giving plan A my all. Its only fair, because I will rip thousands of lives apart to defend myself, without losing any sleep. Im trying to avoid that outcome that you seem to desire so much. And yes, I can do that. At no point am I willing to deal with further abuse.

I’m sorry you never really understood how this website works.

It’s a honey pot designed to capture egomaniacs like yourself and Jordan and teach them the non importance of colored belts, whether it’s 30 fake ones or a few real ones.

Seriously, you haven’t dropped a decent technical BJJ thought in years. You just chase rabbits. And chase off valued posters.

I blame your substance abuse problems. If you were a real doctor, you’d tell Jordan to lay off the THC addiction and get some therapy, instead of promoting his fantasy about the Brazilian mafia.

But I more than anyone know why YOU can’t let the Brazilian underground go. They hurt you badly. It’s right here in your fucking file. And so Jordan became your proxy.

That’s why you never apologize for any of the harms you’ve caused. You’re unable to see the consequence of your actions.

Not here it’s not.

The day you stop caring about the color of your belts is the day your healing can begin. Tick tock.

I’m immune to the poison of daily social media doom. Being a Zen master has its perks.

How would you know?

Le sigh.
I reject non-symmetrical ROE, and generally still restrain myself.
That said, rejecting cult dynamics often offends people.
Speaking to data, often offends people even more.

What substance abuse problems do I have, exactly?

Did “they”?
And you know “this”?
What is it, that you claim you “know”.

What harms have I caused?
Can you be specific?
Rabbit, I cannot endorse your Bullshido, martial arts claims, or crap.
I cannot endorse some of the horrible things you have said,
regarding that you cyber bully kids with political beliefs you disagree with,
I cannot endorse your doxing comments,
As they destroy the integrity of the terms of service of this site, rather than anything else.
I cannot endorse your threats of making Swatting exploits with sock puppet accounts and identities.

Rabbit, I cannot endorse, you trying to Cyber-goad Osiris, because some low lives tried to jack him,
and then used people in their network, in LEO or other positions of power,
to exploit horrible vulnerabiliies in the system to fuck with him in the real world.
I cannot endorse, Reddit, or Bullshido mocking him because he put up his own money to grapple it out with Gordan Ryan, twice.
And I cannot endorse lynch mobs, because he is a good Gonzo Journalist.
I put the handle out there, but there are lots of people better qualifed to wear it than me.
Case in point, black dude, survives a roll attempt by Brazilians, calls himself a White Supremacist, writes poetry in a style, that confuses the fuck out of people.
They underestimate him,
and then he kicks out a file that exposes international organized crime activities, that he thoroughly documenta.
And then everybody says, “What”?
Who is that guy?
What just happened?
That is Gonzo Journalism.
I can’t speak Hip Hop (or Jive…Airplane reference for the dummies), but I can recognize good Gonzo Journalism, when I see it, or read it, or hear it.
I can also tell who is a Black Belt in BJJ, and I am qualified to certify that rank, unlike most of the randos here, who are not, and therefore obviosly cannot.
Unlike random lynch mobs, on Reddit, or Bullshido, that are drunk, like Maenads.

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You won’t find a less self aware post than this steaming pile of fantasy drivel. I haven’t seen this sort of delusion since War Wheel wore a Mario Frog suit, scared fellow Jews in Boston for lolz , and thought he was safe hanging out with neo-fascists (the real reason he tucked dick and left BS, other than being interviewed by the FBI). He might actually be dead now.

I mean, we’ve had some doozies here on BS who fabricate vast, intricate narratives of their own, some more grounded than others.

This guy has no idea how many members he’s pissed off over the years, and never will. We don’t invite him to parties, and he’s mad.

No wonder his forensics career didn’t go far, and he had to hide on social media and actually blames others for beefs he started. He can’t be trusted for shit. And I know this because I am.

And now he’s begging me for answers to questions rather than searching his own soul and looking at himself in the mirror.


Seriously Gonzo, time to get clean bro.

What answers do I ever ask from you, other than: why do you act like a misbehaved teenager with no impulse control?

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Oh stop… War Wheel is completely safe, not a target of anyone including the feds, and not delusional. The so called “neofascists” were mostly fine people, many of the Jewish themselves, gay or from other minority groups. WW left while I laid waste to the villains, internal and external, that plagued the community. Your story is completely false, except for the parts that explain why my political stories are real.

See how everyone around me ALSO coincidentally has to be the worst person possible? People aren’t like that IRL. Most people are a mixed bag, yet all the ones you speak on have the same bad traits. Its a sign that you’re lying/working again. If I were you, this is what I’d do, attempting to poison interpersonal relationships to isolate members. Fortunately I’m not, so the families that are under my scope are actually still intact and healthy, which is by design.

Remember Rabbit, I have stolen all your work. I 100% understand it and get it. I can tell when you’re working and/or suffering work related psychosis, and if you had a genuine personality (you don’t), I’d be able to differentiate the two.

Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. I’m working on the book. I’m thinking of modeling it after “The Game”, where I’m telling a story, fictionalized, but close enough, interspersed with technical truths. At the end, I want the reader to understand the mind of a militia commander in small scale urban conflict. Its gonna cover all elements, interspersing drinking and drug use, cause all the groups love to party including Antifa, with political conflict in the US, from street brawls to cyberwarfare.

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As if you know any Jewish or gay people.

And no, the butch women you find attractive don’t qualify as gay unless they eat pussy.

I guess you didn’t read the FBI report involving his gamer pals. And the criminals associated with them.

Of course you didn’t. You’re too busy chasing ghosts, rather than actual Internet crime fighting.

Of all the idiotic right wing trolls I rolled out of here, Matt is still one of my favorite saves. As I saved his life, because he was in mortal peril.

Afterwards, I spoke to a trusted Bully who knows both him and Cy Q Faunce, over the phone. Confirmed everything I already knew.

You are both equally terrible at choosing friends.

Especially coaches.

I was there with ganergate. It was a bunch of gay cripples. That has nothing on what he got into later and the feds are still not after him. And you didn’t save Matt from shit. You did nothing, and I fought our mutual enemies. So fuck right on off with your lies and your bullshit. YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL LIAR. Your whole job is to spread damaging misinformation.

Led by Nazi sympathizers. Trust me, we know.

I saved him from people who wanted to kill him. And you. And boy, did they love to talk about it in places you can’t even find.

You’re welcome.

I wasn’t involved in Gamergate. I went to one meeting at a bar which they wanted to bomb. Actual agents handled that, not you. I was never a name in it or involved in it. You’re lying. The guys actually trying to kill Matt, I fought. And you did not help, as you claim that whole story is a lie. So…