The Genuine Meme Wisdom thread

The internet is full of a lot of garbage, however, there are a few pearls mixed in with all the swine feces. Many of these have been identified and shared by well-meaning individuals, and have gone on to become just as viral as much of the other nihilistic, edgelord garbage that defines this place.

So with that in mind here is The start of a collection for such things, for posterity and the sharing of wisdom down the ages or at least until we decide to stop paying for this fucking website.

We will begin with the boots theory of economics:



Shopping cart theory (Social Psychology):


I tried to get a friend of mine who is in to spiritual development and stuff, in to Terry pratchet. But i imagine he poo pooed it as me being frivolous.

Read like the art of violence or something stupid.

Anyway here is my contribution.


“Return the shopping cart” is a very subjective concept. Return it where?

My alternate hypothesis is that if you place a shopping cart wheels up on the curb, where it doesn’t block parking cars, it places the cart in a convenient spot for anyone to grab, not to mention gives the dude whose terrible job it is to collect rogue carts a bit of a fun choice (paying jobs should have some sort of meaning): leave the cart there where someone can easily grab it, or cart it away to the chain gang of carts next to the store, requiring little old ladies to walk an extra distance to grab one.

When I park at Shoprite or Weiss, there’s usually a cart right there for me to grab, because someone before me was kind enough to think this way.

But occasionally, yeah some asshole left their cart right in the spot next to them.

Lots of assholes at the supermarket. I used to be one of them, but nowadays I’m like some sort of grocery store knight.

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On that note, stoicism via Jake the Dog.

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Ideally the designated cart return area. Parking a cart out of the way where it won’t roll and hit cars or block parking spaces is less conscientious, but arguably acceptable in this framework.

I think you are all missing a far more important point.
Somebody is hired to collect the abandoned carts and return them to the designated collection point.
If everybody returned their carts there would be no job .
In the UK allot of theses positions are taken up by people with learning difficulties or limited in someway including being quite old.
If you return your carts you are selfish without social conscience.

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I don’t subscribe to the Broken Windows school of Economics.

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Just one i liked from when i was a kid.

" Peace, Eustace. Do not scold, like a kitchen-girl. No warrior scolds. Courteous words or else hard knocks are his only language"

C.S. Lewis, [The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia)

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On the topic of fighting. Here is what captian picard had to say about it to paul Atredies.


Yeah, they dropped the line in the new version but kept the gist of it—few people other than Patrick Stewart could pull off a line like that without it sounding corny.


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