The future of 1 V 100: A community experience

Hey everyone, Kim/Rox here,

I’ve decided after the success of raising £2600 in 8 weeks for charity through the 1 v 100 event the other week, I’m planning to take this further, and using this as an opportunity to ‘Fight Quest/Avatar/Fighting Game boss who uses everyone’s moves’ my way forward and do this for the forseeable few years, working with different charities and causes. I want some ideas for what styles you want to see me take on so I can devise a roadmap, along with charities in mind. So far, mental health services, EDS and Fibromyalgia services are on the list, but if we can spitball ideas as a community, that would be stellar.

My plan for next year is for this to be boxing based and begin the process of launching it after my surgery in South Korea next month (2 month recovery, so January start for prep) but let’s say we juggle a few and finalise a list of 9 more or different disciplines an charities to not only work in a lot of areas but turn me into a well rounded bully that would be swell. At least one weapon discipline would be good I think, but striking, grappling and hybrid would be priority.




12 kumite’s? That would make me… 44 at the time of finishing

Its cause if the 12 character min. I dont understand the event youre putting on. 100 man kumite for kyokushin?

look back over my posts and read the original.

A few weeks back I did a 100 man kumite in Judo to raise money for cancer research. I’m looking at doing more, but I’m willing to spend a year between really battering training other styles and working with different charities.

I’m willing to take community recommendations on what those styles and charities would be

Ok, now I follow.

Any ideas?

I’m looking at whats locally available and so far I think

Muay Thai
Knockdown Karate

are all good contenders for challenges

I think a 100 match boxing challenge is retarded.

I think your input into this idea is of substantial quality, what would you put forward?

Literally anything else. 100 boxing matches is just bad for your brain.

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Great job fund raising!




I think we can argue that, taken to its logical conclusion, any combat sport is bad for your body and thus none of us should do them. Depends on if we use protective wear.

Or I could get real spicy and we bare knuckle it as a body shot only one? Seems a decent enough middle ground so I dont spend my days wondering why I keep putting the TV remote in the fridge-freezer

Boxing is different bro. Sure, bareknuckle to the body would be safer though. Other than that, I have no comment. Just ditch the boxing and you’ll have a safer, healthier event with whatever style you chose. Hell, you could do things shidokan style and rotate.

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one thing I think is probably going to happen from this is a faster retirement into Taichi, but fuck, 1000 rounds of fighting for charity and that’s good enough for me

Lolz. Taiji claps cheeks so… but seriously, please dont do 100 or 1000 rounds of boxing.

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like I said, its not 1000 of one style. It would be a total of

10 events
1 per year
100 rounds
different styles

the styles and charities would be chosen as we get nearer, but if you have any ideas, by all means

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Unfortunately my charity budget is kind of spent for the year, but best of luck, those are some worthy causes.

What’d you do, start the Maui wildfires? Your charity budget is well into the negatives bro.

literally anything, and donations wont open till nearer the time.

I have a major surgery as part of my transition in a couple of weeks so the events wont be announced officially, let alone the training, till at least december