The Fog... Weed Classic

So, I’m at a telly, working, and they suggest turning on the shower to light the marijuana and somehow dilute the smell of the smoke or at least make it less detectable electronic devices.

One guy in the room was like “Thats bullshit. Show me the science.” Anyone know how marijuana smoke performs mixed with steam?

In The Navy, we would use a soda can bong with a dilution of Dawn to knock down the smell. After the first hit, nobody really cared if it was smelly or not. Also, portholes above waterline, especially while going through the Suez, which was hours of being on station with nothing much to do.

My best guess would be that might work if there was deodorant soap or some kind of scented soap residue in the shower stall, that might work.

Otherwise, steam + garlic = stronger smell that carries farther and probably smells stronger because now it’s hot and has a solution medium.

I agree with the “that’s bullshit” guy.