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The purpose of this thread, and initial post, is (besides for me to kill 30 minutes), to illustrate to those of you perhaps less in the know about the more intellectual (ahem) side of the Far Right Reasoning/Logic/ legal analysis, etc.

I will be posting links to various articles, and their web sites for your enlightenment and entertainment.

I am not going to provide a lot of, if any breakdown or commentary. Anyone who wants to do so, please do.

I would like to see some relatively coherent discussion, rather than "Look at those Dumbasses Memes.

The first post is an “analysis and essay” type thing that is fairly common. It deals with masks, private property right, constitutional rights.

The website itself is a Treasury of Far Right-Side ideas and “news”.

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Another concept that is I think relatively unknown outside of the Inland Northwest, as it’s called, that I have mentioned from time to time is:

The Great American Redoubt, AKA the American Redoubt, AKA, just "The Redoubt.

This is a “news” letter that gets a lot of re-links and links, and has a fairly good cross section of the views that are common.

This has content that will make you laugh hysterically, shake your head, and puzzle you. But I assure you, it is VERY popular.

I’m going to post the link, then look up some stuff about the origins of the “concept”. SPOILER: I think it was dreamed up by a certain early prepper to market his prepping products and ideas, as well as to boost real estate sales.

As an example of the REal Estate Hypothesis. I’ve actually seen signs for this company up here. I can’t tell if this is the same company under a different name, or a new iteration by some other scam artists.

Wikipedia has updated their entry a bit.

It’s been a long time since I heard anything about American Redoubt.

It is still there in all it’s glory. Huge numbers of “conservative” folks moving there from mostly California.

Who was the Idaho snowflake that wrote the first article.

They do a lot about town for someone with a “vascular autoimmune disease”

I had a little chuckle when I got the part where the “Christian Broadcast Network” said that the movement inspired minting silver coins.

If you’re familiar with collectible special silver and gold coin minting, it’s not “inspiration” that drives the practice. It’s merchandising off of suckers who think they’ll increase in value. They won’t and they won’t be any good to use them for barter later either.

Homesteading out in the great wide open isn’t the worst idea though. If you have a big enough nest egg, you can live out there forever with only a little startup capital. All you need is a reliable clean water supply, the new generation of efficient solar panels, a prefab building or three, a bunch of insulation, an old F150 pickup, 20 or so sealed barrels of dry food, 1 shotgun, 1 high caliber long rifle, 1 varmint .22LR gun for small game, good cold-weather clothes, a wood burning stove and a source of firewood. You could live mostly off the grid for a very long time. Shit, if you’re good with satellite equipment and don’t mind breaking a few rules you could even get free premium TV and internet access.

I’m too sick of cold weather myself. It’s not for me. I’d rather hop a plane and go somewhere tropical. It’s cheaper and more comfortable as long as you don’t mind being the odd man out.

Don’t know him.
or her

A LOT of food. firewood will be all gone for most folks. A few locations maybe not so bad around here.

Some serious fuel stores, and a LOT of well armed friends.

The amount of deception and lying that goes on is amazing, man. It’s deep.

I’ll add some more stuff tomorrow. It gets worse.

Again, I’m trying to give anyone who cares some insight into what’s up with these people, including but not limited to the idiots that participated in the Capitol bullshit.

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Yep. 30 gallon barrel of rice will last a small family about a year. 30 gallons of corn meal and you’ll be making cornbread until the 2nd coming of Christ. A barrel of beans will not only last you a long time, you can use them to grow more when warm weather comes around. Same with potatoes and corn.

Easy to grow, almost impossible to cook wrong.

I get it. The issue becomes protecting it.


A deep well needs a hell of a hand pump, and son 1 and I did some research last night. 500 feet is about max for mechanical. By hand/lever.

the well at his house is over 600 ft. So, So pump to static water level of 450 ft or so will work.

Anyway, be prepared to defend what ya got.

Well, sure. In a survival situation the goal would be to start where nobody knows where you are. Someplace elevated with only one lane of approach. Find a vantage point somewhere in the Rockies. If it’s far away enough from other people, you don’t have to worry about the neighbors or people bungling into you. When supplies get scarce they’ll start heading where the people used to be to see if there’s something to scavenge. They’re not going to go where there’s just more nothing. The communities will break down into tribes like in history and those tribes will raid one another for food when they run low just like we’ve always done to each other. People will settle further and further away from each other until there aren’t any more raids from the neighbors/mongols/Khans/Huns/Turks.

That’s pretty much fantasy land, even out here in the GAR.

Won’t be growing much food, man. OK, good geothermal source of heat, might make a go of it.

North facing slope, you fuked.

Definitely. Any nation breaking nuclear exchange and the radiation will fuck everyone anyway. After the first or second winter, there won’t be many people left.

If the author stated he has autism, I would have found his arguments more believable.

On survivalism or property rights vs civil liberties?

Property rights/civil liberties.

The survivalism thing was a distraction, other than the fantasy of people moving to “The Redoubt”.

The amount of twisted logic used to justify not having to comply with a private business owner’s wishes on their property is amazing.