The "Elephant in the Room," Thread, AKA modern techno-censorship

Back on the old forums, I split a thread from bnet where we were talking about 230 and CDA in general, and SOPA, etc.

This morning, I had a viral in my YT. It was, admittedly, highly conspiratorial nonsense. As a responsible member of this community, and on request because I tend to be a right-wing shill, I reported this channel to the BS editorial board. And, just like Keyser Sose, it was gone.

My exact words were:

There’s no way this channel lasts. You might want to grab some duck tape for your skull before watching, but this is meteoric rise of a conspiracy channel:

The sole response:

it’s already gone.

And, it was. Think about that for a second. We can’t even point and laugh, anymore.

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Shhh, hush child, it’s for your own good…

Here’s the deal.

Everyone will fight back, but isn’t that great?

You get to watch them try!