The el segundo podcast. BJJ

This is possibly the most ruthless take on the BJJ community i have ever seen.

Welcome to Australia.

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“you’d rather be the mascot than Conor McGregor”.

I concur.

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When does he discuss the community?

About 30 min in.

Listened. He’s 100% correct. They lure you in there, with the win some matches and open a school, and then run up fraudulent charges on your account in form of mandatory affiliation fees. Then they have a massive abuse network to enforce the fraud.

And man, I was only making 24k a year for like a ten year investment. And then dudes want “their” cut of my fucking work?

If I ever get approached like that again, Im gonna see if I can compensate them in another way, payment in kind. For example I might offer them a custom rash guard with their face on it. High quality photography. Newspaper and social media boosts. A medallion with them on it to be worn around the neck. Limo rides. Plaques, engravings, etc. Real luxury stuff for men of their stature. I run an entertainment company so all thats easy to arrange.