The Case for Carlos Gracie Jr

After my foray into white supremacist, nationalist and neonazi ideology, I feel like I can make a compelling case that Carlos was actually a good guy.

First off, imagine this, you’re at your expensive hobby and the lesson is being taught by a nigger. He’s telling you what to do. He’s trying to teach you things. He has money. He’s making friends in your community and he may just hook up with a white chick. Where does Carlos come in?

Well, he has a whole nigger detector. He KNOWS when you’re too dumb to possibly know BJJ. He knows when you’re a lazy coward. He knows when the life you live isn’t yours. And he doesn’t even have to meet you to know it. Now, you’re probably thinking thats based as fuck. It can’t get more based.

Yes it can. By forcing the niggers he detects to buy their freedom, he’s literally bring slavery back. But not in terms of actually being enslaved. Oh no. He detects fake freemen and demands payment for their freedom upon encounter. Not based enough you say?

Let me tell you about his family extermination plan. Sometimes niggers get to thinking that they have friends and families and shit and can reproduce. Well, Carlos will deal with your uppity nigger and destroy the entire family through psychological abuse and social pressure.

Let Carlos Gracie Jr be a shining example for us all. Your family, your bloodline is superior to lesser men. Take from them as you please, and exterminate those who resist. Heil Hitler.

This should maybe be called the case Against CG.

I would like to point out for the record that you are a black man, and you are using that word in a way that is describing your plight. It’s unfortunate that I have to make qualifications to that affect, but this is the world we have created for ourselves. Yeehaw.

Are you saying Sinbad, or Charlie Murphy?

To the layman it may seem a case against, but as a trained racist, I can only say that dude is based as fuck. Like, dude was in a foreign country, saw a black man and knew he was property, only good for making him money. How based is that? In the 21st century and actually owning a slave.

Does he not exploit gringos in exactly the same way?

Yes. He’s a Brazilian ethno-nationalist with his perceived value being nepotistic in nature.