The Boston BJJ Community Lied

Perhaps they overstated their performance against me just a little? Not sure how anyone thinks its acceptable to use Ryan’s wins as evidence that THEY’RE superior grapplers. Or why Bullshido would support such claims.

And there is TONS more footage. What you see is a community that lost and lost badly and decisively, gaslighting and abusing their way into a disgraceful alternate reality. And its gross that anyone would help them. It doesn’t cost 2 grand to acknowledge you got your ass kicked. The community and its supporters are for the most part delusional, save for deliberate criminal actors like Rabbit who get off on hurting people.

Carlos Gracie Jr. didn’t get paid because at no point was he ever hired by my program, nor did he do any work at all on the program or make any investments. It just simply wasn’t his money to collect. This enraged him, so he abused his regulatory power and then mobilized his fan base when he got caught.

I guess frauds ok, as long as its hurting people? Unsure why this blatant fraud is tolerated. Its literally destroying lives. While I’m sure bored nerds would love to imagine that they perform better than that, that shouldn’t come at my expense. Like, FFS, you have Iron Palm experts claiming they can beat me. Thats serious delusion.