The boog is back. Why?

Facebook, telegram, shops, etc. Whats gonna happen?

Is Open Season getting a reboot?

What did happen?

Rising political violence again it looks like. The streets were pretty wild last I stepped out. Many more guns on deck.

You people are big fucking dummies. That’s what

Every single one of you. And the darker the belt colors, the worse your contributions to society.

Go and dojo storm an official building! Hey get arrested if you’re a white Texas boy, get riddled with hot lead otherwise.

Why are you even on here? There aren’t enough regular users and we’re not anon so you can’t engage in Consensus Cracking. Why even post?

Had to look that one up.

That’s deep man

I mean, are we really here?

Or is this a simulation?

our brains simulate reality from very limited input, so, yes.

I really should demand mine to make a better, more pleasing job on that.

Try “Surface Detail” by Ian M Banks on for size

I’ll stick with non-fiction for that topic.

It’s not deep at all. They declare loudly and proudly that they block anyone that disagrees with them but they continue to post here. It’s either pathological or they are paid to do it.

Why you get it online with these rejects every night?

Every fucking night.

You’re like some kind of fucking troll magnet.

I mean, you’re kinda describing most of the posters.

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I thought opposites attract?

Why are you here?

So modest.

Flattery will get you everywhere

You see @BrevardFighter , you have created a runaway existential crisis