The Battery Fund

You know the story. As things have worked out, I’m completely nomadic, effectively homeless, after a horrific martial arts (BJJ) scam that has cost me tens of thousands of dollars which I couldn’t afford to lose.

At the moment I need a laptop, as I can’t utilize my desktop moving place to place. Basically, I need it for business. Trying to find work, housing and complete business projects from a smart phone isn’t cutting it. If anyone can help, please do. Thanks.

I can handle this was as little as 200 bucks. But I can’t conduct commerce without any funds at all.

Fundraiser ended.

Thank you folks for the contributions. Seriously appreciate it.

Good luck Jordan.



Thank you folks. Halfway at my goal. I really appreciate it.

My needs have been met. Not really, but for the purposes I was raising funds for, absolutely. Thank you to all the contributors. Im going to remove the link to PayPal now.