Terrence Howard - Watch this before it gets DELETED!

Anyway, enough of you know me by now to know I am being entirely facetious here and just reflecting what was on the title of this video.

Have a listen to this bullshit - what kind of new age buffoonery is this? I couldn’t listen to more than a minute before realising I’d been duped into watching someone who likely thinks the earth is flat.

I’ll add a bit more, because I don’t want to just be pointing and laughing. It’s like he’s combining shit he’s come up with on a hallucinogenic trip (I’ve had similar ideas while on hallucinogenic trips) with shit that he wants to be true.

The way he dismisses what would be an incredibly intricate and indepth history of currency and trade by saying it is flawed because of greed is mindblowing.

“Shatter reality itself”
“The FORBIDDEN knowledge”
Absolute comedy gold.


I thought he was a better Rhodey in Iron Man and hope he will be brought back in the MCU during the multiverse shenanigans.

I suspect thats as good as it gets with this guy I cant even bring my self to watch this type of bullshit to laugh at anymore I am just tired of it.

Youtube is riddled with both intelligent and dumbasses simply making shit up.

“BEFORE IT GETS DELETED” Is the mark of absolute certainty that what you click on will be utter nonsense.

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End of day, and tomorrow…

1 x 1 != 2.

“Look up Richard Dover Statter”. - Terrance Howard, 2 minutes in.

Statter tried to get humans to replace their solar calendars with a Base 10 time system (Howard calls this a challenge to the “Dewey Decimal system”, which is of course the old library system of coding books for lookup… ).

Statter’s brother even made a watch.

Base 10 systems don’t work well when describing natural phenomena, because 10 isn’t anything special, according to nature, so it was never universally adopted.

Terrance Howard is a moron. He totally blew his Marvel Studios deal, by the way.

Thank God for Don Cheadle.

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The early days of geometry lent themselves to “what can you do with a circle and a line?” Take a compass, draw some circles, and you will understand why there are 360 degrees in a circle, and 24 hours in a day.

Cheadle was absolutely the superior War Machine.


Nah he is good, great even but I preferred Terence .

Cheadle is too skinny and un-superhero like by comparison.

He put on a lot of muscle between Boogie Nights and Iron Man 3.

He also accepted the role inside a narrow 2 hour window, because Terrence is a fat head and gave it all up. Talk about striking iron while it’s hot.

Now he’s immortal. He even has his own Hyper Crush video. Put this on your workout list.

A lot of talented guys screw their careers up because of their egos .

Canibus and Ra The Rugged man two of arguably the greatest lyricists of all time for example.

He looks like a typical Air Force nerd though, and you don’t need to be jacked to wear power armor. Hell, if you put Halfthor in a War Machine suit he couldn’t make it move without power.

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