Taylor Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

The right-wing panic over Taylor Swift is reaching a crescendo, partly because the same idiots who said they were never going to watch the NFL again after Kaepernick took a knee, are now complaining that she’s being given a spotlight during the NFL games they totally don’t watch.

This is what fragility looks like. Snowflakes.

Here’s some music:

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I’m waiting for the Dixie Chicks to chime in full blast before I make up my mind.


They’re just “The Chicks” now.
How Dare You Greta GIF

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Still going on apparently.

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IMHO what’s going on is that Swift has the attention of a new demographic which GOP has been unable to tap, successfully. She took a run at Trump back in 2020, too, if you recall.

Well, then you have influencers and social media critters that are latching on to this and using every emotional button they can push to get some more eyeballs to ply their craft (and make boatloads of ad cash, but I repeat myself).

The people that are scared of Swift are the same people who (no offense intended) would point out that people are scared of Swift. Pure projection.

The real problem is that we have a section of the electorate which believes such things are possible, which is insulting to the various portions of the electorate that also pay umpteen million dollars to go to a stupid concert with the nextest Brittany Spears headlining.

“You can’t possibly be serious because you are (or are not) a Taylor Swift fan.” It’s societal voter suppression.

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Did she “take a run” at Trump, or just tell her fans to vote?

I get that voter disenfranchisement of young people and minorities is a core strategy of the GOP (especially in Texas, which is why they closed polling places in Harris county), but I don’t think telling people to vote is a problem.

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She said something to the affect of “Trump will never win as long as I have a voice.” She also managed to run a moderately successful get-out-the-vote campaign to this end. I’m reticent to look it up, because she’s topping the headlines on this current rout, and I still work for a living.

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Just shake it off.

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Hey so, do some of you guys get tired of coming up with excuses for this constant buffoon bullshit, or nah?

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I mean, come on, this shit is embarrassing and I’d be embarrassed if these people were on “my side” of anything.

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I object, the Satanists do not want to see Biden re-elected, either.

I’ve been to the Satanic Temple headquarters and they’re the nicest god-damned people you could meet.


The laugh emoji is gone.

It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mega famous person (i.e. public figure) indicates an allegiance is forming. Opposition says “mega famous person is forming an allegiance.” Then, the other side says “maga famous person is unfairly going after a public figure for being a douche.” Then, we get all indignant at both sides.

The problem is not us making excuses for MAGA buffoonery, it’s that we all fall for this sideshow bullshit every single time.

Must have been one of the broken plugins that crashed the forum the other day.

Confirmed - the one we were using was EOL’d and replaced with an official version. I’ll get it lit up here, in a minute.

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All of Detroit is rooting for Taylor Swift right now. There is no stopping her.

Failed to tap, you got that fucking right.

Somebody told me tonight the football gods must hate Detroit. I said no, they love them because I don’t want to live in a world where millions of little girls hate on Detroit, and at least this year, I don’t have to.

Party on, Swifties. Be Excellent to Each Other.

Posted shortly after the Chiefs won.

I don’t even like Biden, but that’s well played.

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That pic Rabbit posted is totally you, back when you had hair. I’m supposed to say something insensitive to native Americans, now, that involves scalping and red skin.

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