Steven Seagals imaginary MMA fight vs TaeKwonDo

How many people have actually seen this? It’s from a forgotten Asian film.

That TKd Guy is a real champion from the 80s (10-0

Seagal did of course nothing…

I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve never seen Seagal’s character get hit so much in a martial art movie before. Also I don’t get that taekwondo uniform. Why do they wear a belt if the uniform doesn’t need it?

I remember when we Bullshidi would roast Seagal because of hit movies like Marked for Death, Under Siege, Above the Law (personal fav) and On Deadly Ground.

Seagal is now an actual traitor to the United States. Because of his mob ties. A Russian Federation stooge. He’s gonna die of advanced liver disease and Russian whore overuse.

Vladimir Putin or Anthony Soprano?

Choose wisely.

As always you know where I sit. North Jersey.

My favorite Steven Segal movie was Under Siege. I actually didn’t know Steven Segal did Aikido before I started training in it.

I loved his movies as a kid , Nico I think was the first I ever saw and was blown away by it .

The only reason he has lasted so long talking bollocks to people is because for a time he made great movies .

I watched 48 Hours tonight (again…), and wondered what it would have been like if Seagal had played both parts.

Seagal as Eddie Murphy, go.

Seagal as Nick Nolte! go.

He is a martial arts master, and I’m not talking about just Aikido.seagsl was incredibly fast for his size and strong as an oxe (ask rockhold).

I have no idea if he has timing but going by his raw abilities. There’s a number of situations where he could squash me if I slip Up in a fight, and he grabs a hold of me

Van Damme, Lundgren all slow.

Then again, I’ve heard of a stuntman/Karateka who dropped Seagal with a front kick to the stomach during filming …

Seagal dropped like a sack of potatoes

I love undersieged and that movie where he was in a comma for 10 years. But I seriously can’t tell if you’re fucking with people on the site with that comment.

Dolf lungren is all show is he?