Steven Seagal calls out Gene LeBell as a fake martial artist and "pathological liar" - anyone ever seen this before?

Turned up in my recommendations today. This is astounding. Seagal says that he’s had people look into it and he doesn’t think Gene LeBell has a legit black belt or has ever studied judo.

Wow. Starts at about 2 mins 30 in.

This seems like tugging on the tiger’s tail, to be quite honest.

Shit talk a 90 yo

He’s a classy guy

Still salty about their altercation after 30+ years.

What a douche. A lot of people would have been like “ok, as a young man, I allowed my mouth to write a check that my ass couldn’t cash and I was made to look foolish - maybe I should take it as a learning experience and study what this guy studied so that can’t happen again”. Not publicly or anything - but to yourself.

But no, just salt all the way down.

It’s a total pussy move

Like punching babies

Assuming that he still has all his arms, legs and faculties (don’t know), 90-year-old Gene LeBell would likely still tie up Seagal like a pretzel if it came down to it.

Seagal is in really, really bad shape these days. He looks like he weighs 350lbs and walks like a penguin.

Who would win a fight between a 90 yo Bruce Lee and a really fat Van Dam?

The promoter who got that fight on PPV, I think.

Mentioned in another thread, Don Wilson was talking to Van Damme about maybe getting in on the latest craze and doing one of those exhibition fights for money and the lulz some time.